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Semi>Terrace, building in a street changes look of local houses

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user1474531427 Thu 22-Sep-16 09:15:43

Hi All

Need some advice. I live in a street, of approx 50+ houses, all in groups of 2. All 3bedroom, semi detached, with side garage and either shared or owned driveway.
Someone, who has a larger garden as there is a underground gas pipe running through the street, has put in planning to build a house joined to theirs. There house is in the middle of a row.

The new house is in keeping with the style of houses in the street but...

It makes this set of houses now a group of 3, where all the rest are a set of 2.
The new house and the one joining it wont have garage or a driveway.

It also beings into the question, the house on the far end, wont that now be classed or could be called a end of terrace? Is that not fair to that owner?

The gas pipe it seems is far enough away to get away with doing the new house as it cannot be built on top of.

I live the opposite side of the road and no direct bearing but am thinking its abit out of keep with the roads. Np one else has done this, where a few could. Some have extended at the side, but had to go with the building line.

Any thoughts?

namechangedtoday15 Thu 22-Sep-16 09:22:05

Surely its a decision for the Council in terms of whether to grant planning permission? The neighbours (including the one who will become the end of terrace) will receive a letter from the Council regarding the application and will have the opportunity to object if they have grounds.

Squeegle Thu 22-Sep-16 09:27:55

I think as long as it is in keeping, you will get used to it!

Seeline Thu 22-Sep-16 09:31:56

As long as there is still reasonable space between the new house and the next semi so that it doesn't look like a terrace of 5 it should be OK. The loss of parking for the existing house, plus no parking for new house will only be an issue if levels of on-street parking are already very high.
Can't see a problem for the other attached semi - yes technically will become an end-of-terrace but so what?
The lack of housing in this country means sites like this are ideal - every one helps!

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