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I don't know how to turn the heating on... Live alone for the first time!

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Itsnotmycoat Thu 22-Sep-16 07:11:01

It sounds ridiculous, I know.

How do I turn it on or up? Is it on the boiler? There's a remote monitor thing too that I'm not sure about !!

princessconsuelabannahammock Thu 22-Sep-16 07:16:02

Check on your boiler, there is usually a switch with 3 positions. One will turn it on permanently, one will link it to the remote monitor and one will be off.

I have a remote monitor in our new house and had to find the instruction booklet to make it work as I had never had anything as high tech. Good luck

joopy79 Thu 22-Sep-16 07:17:51

Take a photo, it might be easier to help you.
For mine I have a dashboard by the boiler which I switch to on and then there is a thermostat downstairs which I turn to 18 (I don't like it too hot). You can often set it on a timer too.

JillJ72 Thu 22-Sep-16 07:20:31

Google will be your friend too. Our boiler is permanently on and we control heating using the thermostat instead. This means we don't programme it to come on a couple of times a day but instead either have it on (we turn the thermostat up to 18c when required), or it is in effect turned off (thermostat is on 10c). Takes some discipline though. In winter we keep the thermostat at ca 15c during the day and then turn to 18c for a few hours in the evening - keeps the house warmer overall and prevents damp.

thissismyusername Thu 22-Sep-16 07:24:27

if it is a combi boiler there is usually a switch to choose between hot water only or hot water and radiators inside the control panel.

specialsubject Thu 22-Sep-16 09:58:52

Is it a rental? Ask for the instructions.

PigletJohn Thu 22-Sep-16 16:30:48

You will (most likely) have a Timer/Programmer, which might have settings like Off/Twice/Once/Constant, and a room thermostat. The boiler might have on/off controls for Hot water and for Heating. These may be marked with diagrams that bear a very distant relationship to pictures of a tap and a radiator.

In some cases, more modern thermostats contain their own timer.

Your radiators will have valves at each end. At one end there will be a knob you can turn. Don't alter these until you have posted photos.

Without knowing what you've got, it would be very daring to tell you how to work it, so I won't. Photos will be great.

If you can't find these controls, I can provide sample pictures, but there are hundreds.

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