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mice!!!! will theygo in baby cot??

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Helphelp92 Tue 20-Sep-16 20:21:52

weve just realised we have mice in the kitchen as one casually strolled in the living room,we live in a 3rd floor apartment so are bedroom is n the same floor where our 5 month old baby sleeps in a travel cot which is very low on the floor am I best putting her in my bed will they go in her cot???? I'm terrified help!!!

Pradaqueen Wed 21-Sep-16 04:54:43

Get traps.asap. One use traps are available on Amazon and you throw away the mouse with the trap so no queasy stuff to deal with. Use peanut butter on them. Mice I am reliably informed by the pest man can with squeeze through any hole that you can fit a pencil intoshock They are looking for food so try and establish their point of entry. Check all kitchen cupboards thoroughly or under sinks - anywhere there is likely to be a concealed hole. Mine came in through the bathroom cupboard where the UFL pipe entry is and ate the kids lush soaps being stored there (boak) before we noticed. Still survived that gourmet treat though - the hardy little feckers.

Mice are incontinent so you will see evidence of their journey through mice wee and poo. I know it's not nice but they are not rats so try not to think about the baby and the cot but neither are they pets so you should treat them the same way as any other infestation.

Good luck!

Ditsy4 Wed 21-Sep-16 05:19:11

You could put a cat net over the top.
Traps and poison. Where there is one there are always more.

Helphelp92 Wed 21-Sep-16 08:34:11

I know there's definitely more than one! I've seen a tiny one and a HUGE one I'm terrified of the things her travel cot hasn't any holes in and it's neted so hopefully they don't find there way in, the care taker is meant to be coming round today to sort it , do t know where they've come from as we live in the third floor!!!! Xx

sorenipples Wed 21-Sep-16 09:40:03

I had rats in the house with a 4 month old. I was terrified. I think mice carry less disease and are much less likely to bite. Even with rats the risk is low i was told. THis did not stop me panicking . I suspect a mouse could chew through a travel cot, if so inclined. Tips I read were to keep baby and bedding clean. Rats could go for the smell of food whigh could inuclide milk spills. I was able to use a raised crib which helped me psychologically.

Get the mice treated asap. All your maternal instincts will want to protect your baby, but in reality I suspect babies and mice is more common than you may think.

Good luck!

Jules125 Wed 21-Sep-16 10:31:59

Mice are common and horrible with a baby (had them when mine was about 6 month) but probably won't really cause her harm. But I second the posion. Put it down now because your baby won't be crawling yet. Traps did not work well for us but the poison seemed to. Might be worth calling a professional because they know best where to place posion and which to use (is some areas mice are resistant to some....) but this is more expensive of course.

bouncydog Thu 22-Sep-16 08:06:01

If you have several call the pest control people - mice will go everywhere, are doubly incontinent and aren't fussy where they go. They do carry disease and breed at an alarming rate. Hope you get it sorted quickly.

mouldycheesefan Thu 22-Sep-16 08:09:06

Call pest control straight away! Get it dealt with properly.
Personally I would move out with baby till sorted I couldn't have baby in a mouse infested house.

Helphelp92 Thu 22-Sep-16 08:27:46

Ive gone to stay at my friends I'm petrified x

Cacofonix Thu 22-Sep-16 11:18:47

I had this when DD2 was 3 months old. Bold things too - came out during the day. We found snap traps loaded with peanut butter and the pest control people coming out swiftly put an end to them. Act now! Also make sure all food in the kitchen is in plastic boxes with lids etc and high up. Then wire wool and expanding foam in the holes where you think they may be coming in. Good luck. It shouldn't take long to sort.

Helphelp92 Thu 22-Sep-16 13:09:24

Yeah I seen one yesterday day time huge thing that was me gone!!!! Xx

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