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Crazy neighbour

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onmars Tue 20-Sep-16 18:07:21

Please help me end a 5 year nightmare...please suggest ways to stop a crazy neighbour from being a pain in the butt !!

My neighbour is a recluse loner and I think he's totally bored out of his tiny mind. He hammers my ceiling at all hours. Enviromental health contacted him and asked him to stop. And he blamed the people above him for making the noise. He didn't say, what noise, go away. No. He tried to get an innocent person in trouble for no reason. A noise moinitoring kit was installed by the council, but I couldn't capture any evidence because my neighbour would bang bang bang at 2am and stop before I could jump out of bed a press record on a device placed 10ft from my bed. The recorder was left a 2nd time with a remote, but this didn't help because bang bang bang in the middle of the night tends to cause a lot of shock and confusion. Basically when totally knackered getting head sorted enough to press a button was near impossible !!

Intermittent banging happens all the time now. I can hear bang bang bang at 1am 2.10am 2.33am and if I'm in during the day it happens on/off all day long. My neighbour also drops something heavy on his floor at randon periods. It's driving me nuts. I am getting 3-4hours poor quaility sleep a night, and I'm being forced to stay in and endure more crap from this nutter...or I am forced to go out exhausted.

This guy is a parent too. A part time one. Every weekend he sits in his studio flat with his kid and does nothing. They probably watch TV for 100 hours solid because from friday morning til monday morning they are stuck inside. He doesn't take the child anywhere. I feel bad for the kid. He used to shout and scream at her all the time and she ended up in care for a while. Thankfully screaming shouting and tears happen far less now.

This guys mum is also around his flat a lot. My friends and I call them norman and nora bates !! (: She is crazy though. I had an accident that kept me indoors for months last year. At one time I hobbled to my back door and put a bin bag outside. Next thing I knew, this woman was going through them. She emptied them all over my garden. when I asked her what she was doing, she told me her grandkid had thrown her last life saving pill out the window and she was looking for it !! LOL

Recently they both tried to confront me in the car park and tried to start a fight. Police were called but did nothing. now I'm not sure how to get this stuff to stop. The banging is enough to drive anyone mad..Especially after 3 hours sleep a day for the past 6 months !!!

Any suggestions on what to do will be appreciated. Thanks (:

NoPlanYet Wed 21-Sep-16 17:25:01

No suggestions but a very sympathetic bump, this sounds awful

Sootica Wed 21-Sep-16 17:29:34

God it does sound awful - no chance of moving?

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