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Fix my downstairs layout

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TremoloGreen Mon 19-Sep-16 17:03:41

Not sure what do with this long term. The back of the house is a bit of a rabbit warren with a smallish kitchen, small study and a utility area on the way out of the back door.

The living room/dining room layout works for us (I have actually taken off the double doors so it is just kind of semi open plan).

The kitchen is OK but too small for me long term. I love to cook and I need a decent range cooker/ two decent ovens and preferably a double door fridge freezer. Also a bit more storage. I don't care about fitting a full size dining table in but a breakfast bar would be good. I don't want to do a massive expensive extension.

I quite like the idea of utility being separate. Would love a proper laundry/boot room but don't know if I care enough to extend with the £££ that would entail.

I also do a fair bit of gardening and would quite like a bit of a garden room where I did a bit of potting/ aclimatising seedlings... again, not really essential as part of the house as I have a huge garden so this could be sited anywhere

I do work from home, but I don't really need a whole study, just somewhere to sit with a laptop. When I sort out our bedroom, I can put a desk in there and will perch at the dining table/ breakfast bar the rest of the time.

Would you:
Knock together all the back of the house (something like the second picture) to make a bigger kitchen with breakfast bar but have the washing machine and dryer in there. Just done a very quick guess at what the layout could be.

Build some type of small extension to give either a garden room or utility (if so, proper extension or conservatory??) Back of the house is south facing so a conservatory would really only be good for drying clothes, I wouldn't hang out in there. I have no idea what a conservatory costs. It would have to not be too plastic/ugly.

Some other clever configuration I haven't thought of?

user1471549018 Mon 19-Sep-16 21:30:35

I would have a separate utility/boot room going from the WC to the back of the house where the current office desk is, then the rest of the 'back' space knocked into a kitchen breakfast room. I'd also want doors leading to the garden.

sorenipples Tue 20-Sep-16 08:26:57

I would avoid having a corridor to the toilet and outside through the busy part of the kitchen. Maybe in your design move the door to the dinning room down and the units up (2nd picture). I also think it's a shame to have double doors to the garden from a utility. I would like at ways to move the utility into the centre and make the add on living space although for drying clothes your design may be more practical.

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