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Diy kitchens floor to ceiling

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Koala2 Mon 19-Sep-16 11:08:57

Hi, has anyone used diy kitchens to build cupboards up to the ceiling? If so, how did you do it?

ireallywanna Mon 19-Sep-16 14:10:56

Yes, have just done this (well am 95% finished)!.
My ceiling height is the standard 2.4m so I used their extra tall 2150 units which are 2.3m with legs and then added a pelmet filler for the small 10cm gap at the top. Looks fab !

This link should take you direct to all the 2150 tall units:

Koala2 Mon 19-Sep-16 14:45:28

Thank you. Did you add extra shelves to make them into standard cupboards?

ireallywanna Mon 19-Sep-16 19:22:29

Hi yes, there are shelves yes so they are just like normal cupboards just taller so make better use of otherwise wasted space.

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