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Boiling water tap,filtered tap water and water softener

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3kidsandus Sun 18-Sep-16 19:48:05

Hi all,

Is there a way of getting all three of these without having 3 taps on the surface?

Can you run the water softener through the qooker fusion tap?

wowowowow Mon 19-Sep-16 10:51:09

We have all you want but in a different set up.

We have a Monarch water softening system which feeds softened water all through the house including the kitcen sink.

We then have an Insinkerator boiling water tap which has a filter for drinking water. The source of water doesn't go through the water softener. We are supposed to replace the filters twice a year.

PS The Insinkerator tap has boiling water plus room temperature cold water.

3kidsandus Mon 19-Sep-16 14:23:44

So, you have two taps?

I like the quooker safety feature press down twice then turn. How hard is it to get boiling water from the insinkerator?

Also is it hot enough? I've read it goes up to 97-98 degrees so not quite boiling.

Thank you.

FunSponge82 Mon 19-Sep-16 14:47:17

Maybe an option would be to filter/soften the water before it comes into your house and then you just have a boiling water tap in your kitchen.

wowowowow Mon 19-Sep-16 17:33:37

OP, the Insinkerator safety feature is that you need to push the tap down and away from you to get the hot water (I didn't realise it wasn't boiling but I don't think that matters).

You need to hold the tap continually for the hot water but for filtered drinking water you pull it towards you and it can stay on that setting while you fill a carafe of water etc.

Yes we do have two taps. One Franke Wave in the centre of the sink(s) and our hot / filtered tap to the left hand corner.

3kidsandus Mon 19-Sep-16 20:19:14

wowowow thanks for that. I'm going to see where I can try it out. It's definitely cheaper than the quooker!!

bouncydog Mon 19-Sep-16 20:49:24

Franke do the Omni 4 in 1 boiling water tap - boiling water at 100 degrees, filtered cold water, and normal hot and cold from the usual source. Much cheaper than the quooker. Am currently investigating and planning to install in my new kitchen. Looks like a normal tap.

wowowowow Mon 19-Sep-16 21:17:39

OP, we saw and bought ours from John Lewis but I've just looked online and it looks like they've stopped selling them there.

Ntinyn Tue 20-Sep-16 06:53:41

Place marking. Was actually going to ask exact same question, OP

3kidsandus Thu 22-Sep-16 20:33:47

Thanks bouncydog I'll have a look at that. Apparently the quooker can come with a descaler (extra money though) and a filter? But I'm not quite sure if that's a filter for just the boiling. I would think it would be very expensive to filter all the cold water??

I was also told no to water softener running through the quooker too!

3kidsandus Thu 22-Sep-16 20:39:23

Just had a look at the omni. It's hard to see the safety mechanism for the hot water. I assume you push down before you pull the lever back? That's why I keep going back to quooker. Seems like the safest one. Though having all four things in one tap is ace!!

bouncydog Fri 23-Sep-16 04:10:49

I've only seen the online advert for both omni and quooker. I just can't justify an extra £500 for the quooker and thought the filtered cold water as well would be great for drinking water. Save space in the fridge where the bottled water goes. I'm not bothered about a water softener. Franke needs to have cartridges replaced - think they're about £35 a time.

Lelivre Fri 23-Sep-16 08:25:14

The kettle tap does need to teach boil point if you want to make hot drinks that taste good. Most organic compounds flash to steam so in terms of tasting better for your hot drinks it will do that without filtration.

For filtration if you want to remove things like fluoride and drug residue; from what I can tell following my research thus far you need a reverse osmosis system. The single charcoal cartridge filters are just not that great, some of them practically useless. But it depends what you are looking for the filtration to do for you.

I don't know anything about water softeners.

Lelivre Fri 23-Sep-16 08:31:59

I have two taps. I wish I had thought about filtration previously I'm trying to get reverse osmosis put on my drinking water. Two taps is good as one can be out of bounds for the kids. If a tap goes down you have another. I have heard of some maintenance issues with these taps so worth considering. I like the idea of a cold and hot drinking water tap I didn't have this option at the time, as filtration could be fixed to this plumbing on and softener to the rest. You can have a special filter on the kettle tap for hard water areas. My tap is a hyco British made and it is excellent.

TheBitterBoy Fri 23-Sep-16 18:53:47

Reverse osmosis filtered water is absolutely not suitable for drinking unless you have a system that re-mineralises the water. Removing absolutely everything from the water is bad for your health.

bouncydog Sat 24-Sep-16 06:52:57

I've ordered the Omni. The local builders merchant came within £50 of the best online price so I went with them as if there are any issues they will help. Will report back once installed at the end of October.

Shadowridge Sat 24-Sep-16 06:57:16

We have our filtered drinking water via a dispenser on our american fridge freezer. Didnt get a boiling tap in the end- we have them at work and they are not hot enough - tis annoying.

pennyclark Tue 01-Nov-16 13:51:27

This video is really informative and helpful, full review of the Quooker Fusion, worth a watch.

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