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Bedroom colour ideas please

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NoPlanYet Sun 18-Sep-16 16:00:39

New house so new bedroom to paint! Currently very beige.

We have already bought our bedding obviously so ideally it would go:

Our last bedroom was a lovely olive green with white skirting / wardrobe doors / chest of drawers and mid brown wood bed. Colours hardly cutting edge but all went nicely together

New house is big and airy, we're both a bit rubbish at accessorising so keen on coloured walls so we can keep our white furniture and not look too boring.

I'm thinking of a bluey grey, poss muted turquoise, poss closer to slate. DP isn't convinced about blue but doesn't know what he likes except mid-dark browns which I think will look awful.

What colours look calm and lovely and will go with the bedding?? Or at least not look too horrific?

thisisbloodyridiculous Sun 18-Sep-16 16:07:52

We're painting our bedroom Hampton Blue which is the calmest blue-grey ever I love it! We tried loads of testers and this is our fave - surprisingly it's a b&q colour too!

NoPlanYet Sun 18-Sep-16 16:15:41

I will look up Hampton Blue, thanks!

Some more questions. We have built in wardrobes and the ceiling is slightly in the eaves, plus the room has a passageway entrance.

What do people suggest for ceilings/slopey bits- white or colour? And I thought entrance way white might be nice but DP thought I was nuts. Anyone else?

Pics hopefully attached

NoPlanYet Sun 18-Sep-16 16:18:47

bloody are you taunting me? Can't find Hampton blue on! Def b & q?

semideponent Sun 18-Sep-16 16:25:57

My favourite bedroom ever was painted in F&B Radicchio - a strong dark red on the blue rather than the yellow end of the spectrum). It was a fairly large room, and we had a plain off white carpet, which somehow combined with the strong colour to make it warm and calming all at the same time.

LunaLovebad Sun 18-Sep-16 16:57:59

Dulux's colour of the year for next year is called Denim Mist, it's a bluey grey. I've put a sample on my wall and it's a beautiful colour which would go well with your bedding I think.

jamaisjedors Sun 18-Sep-16 17:30:05

We also have a bluey grey, it's little Greene bone china blue. It comes in pale, mid and deep so we have the walls in pale and the wardrobe doors in mid. We have gauze (quite white grey) on the floorboards. I was advised by a woman in a paint shop and love the combination but would never have managed to choose it myself.

NoPlanYet Sun 18-Sep-16 18:59:44

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Keep em coming. Especially anything that isn't a blue grey to give us some alternatives to ponder

thisisbloodyridiculous Sun 18-Sep-16 19:16:05

OP here you go -

evelynj Sun 18-Sep-16 23:02:05

We have f&b pavilion grey with pbw above a picture rail & ceiling, love It, so peaceful & always changing with the light!

Haggisfish Sun 18-Sep-16 23:04:15

Oooh good thread.

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