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Painting wooden floor - F&B floor paint or what brand + how to prepare?

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nicebitofsodaandjam Sat 17-Sep-16 22:16:39

Trying to find a cheap solution to the very tired worn smooth wooden floor we got with the house. Planning on either selling or moving out for a complete renovation in next two years (in London so really need to hoard cash for either eventuality). Hard to tell what finish the floor had originally but we've never waxed it just use for example Cif wood floor cleaner so it's not oily, and I don't think it's varnished.

Is it fairly easy to paint floor paint on? I know we should really get sanders and strip back but we are crazy busy with a baby and toddler so don't have time to do that ourselves, really don't want the mess and can't pay to get it done or defeats the purpose. Need it to last for 2 years not 20.

Is farrow and ball the best floor paint? What primer? Any advice welcome!

nicebitofsodaandjam Sun 18-Sep-16 19:11:17

Bumping! Come on flooring /paint experts!

cherrytree63 Thu 22-Sep-16 09:49:57

I have a 1930s house with the typical gloss paint borders where they've had a rug and maybe finances prevented them painting the whole floor.
As my finances are a bit dire at the moment I sanded mine with an orbital sander (bought for about £30 from Lidl). Then I painted on outdoor fence black wood stain, eBay about £15 for 10 litres.
Before it dried I "ragged" it, very 1980s!
So you can still see the wood grain, but it's evened up the patchiness.
I should probably have put a layer of varnish on top as it has worn in higher traffic parts, but it was very cheap and easy to do.

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