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Independent kitchen designer?

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lifeofsiam Sat 17-Sep-16 11:34:55

Do such people exist?. None of the designers we've spoken to at places like Homebase and Sigma seem to have ever cooked for a dinner party.

I'm thinking it would be better to pay a designer and buy from somewhere like diykitchens, project managing ourselves.

We are in South Wales btw.

ZaraW Sat 17-Sep-16 12:33:59

I've been trying to find someone too, if you Google Peter Earthy Independent kitchen designer he works remotely or can visit your house but not sure how far he will travel. He has some good reviews but as mentioned have not used him.

lifeofsiam Sat 17-Sep-16 12:52:47

Thanks Zara

OnePlanOnHouzz Sun 18-Sep-16 18:50:57

There's a couple of threads like this if you do a search !

Sinkingfeeling Sun 18-Sep-16 19:13:49

OnePlan (poster above!) is an independent kitchen designer and very good one. We were very pleased with the plan she did for us last year and have just had our new kitchen delivered.

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