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CCTV at home - how does it work?

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curlyboymum Wed 14-Sep-16 14:50:44

Brief back story – I have problems with my exH coming to the house despite a restraining order. Police unable to help as I have no “evidence” of this, but have suggested I install CCTV. I’m not very technically minded, so wanted to ask if anyone else has CCTV at their house. What does it involve exactly to fit – is it connected to a laptop? And rough idea of cost? Also, do you think it would capture someone coming to the front door, or vandalising the car (in street)? Thanks

SaggyNaggy Wed 14-Sep-16 14:55:08

you buy a kit from Amazon.
Stick up the cameras any where you like (The provision being that you may only capture and record your property, not anyone elses.)
The cameras are usually connected to a HDD Recording device and to a monitor, this can be a PC monitor or your TV in some cases.
They record a set amount of footage, say a weeks worth, when it reaches the limit it records over from the beginning.
If something happens that you want to save you can transfer it onto a memory stick.

You can pay companies to do it all for you too. It costs from £100 for a cheap set right up to several £1000 for a full coverage, properly installed jobby.

curlyboymum Wed 14-Sep-16 15:29:23

thanks, I'll check Amazon

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