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Fire rated glass?

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PuntCuffin Tue 13-Sep-16 16:32:40

Hello All,

Long back story, previous owner twattery and non-signing off of Building Regs, house sold to us with an indemnity policy etc....

3 years later, we have found ourselves able to afford a first floor extension. There are two windows on the end wall which are just under 100cm (95-98cm) from the boundary so we have been told we have to have fire rated glass in them or the Building Regs won't be signed off. Inspector is also saying he won't sign it off if we don't have fire rated glass in the ground floor windows too as they are also under a metre from the fence (obviously!). These windows/door have been there for 20 years and the neighbouring house is further forward and further away from the boundary so there is genuinely no fire risk. He is scaring us saying we will never be able to sell etc.

I cannot find a price for fire rated glass anywhere online. Anyone had similar issues who can advise on how to get Building Regs approved? Or know how much it costs, other than the builder saying it is ££££££.

flowers TIA in case I am slow to see any replies while I tackle work, extension, kid's etc.

Pradaqueen Wed 14-Sep-16 04:04:51

Call the local glazier. Fire rated glass is expensive though. I've just ordered non-glazed fire doors for three flats I am renovating for that reason...

Does the inspector know that the windows are existing and 20years old? Or does he think you've used old windows in the job?

PuntCuffin Wed 14-Sep-16 11:28:28

Thanks. He knows they are old but the previous owner ignored building regs and we were sold the house with various lies to us about things. This means that the ground floor part has more windows than are now allowed and is 5cm too close to the boundary. Even if it would have met building regs 20 years ago when it was built, it doesn't now.

Inspector has proposed that we block up the kitchen windows, utility room window/door and toilet window. That or ALL these windows have to be replaced with fire rated glass. Most will need replacing soon anyway, but we can't afford to do it this year with the 1st floor extension ongoing.

All for the sake of 2-5cm.

PigletJohn Wed 14-Sep-16 12:09:10

True fire resisting glass is extremely expensive.

If a door, there is a chance you could get a used FD door with a glazed panel on the second-hand or Reclamation market.


Start by asking the BCO if he would accept Georgian Wired Glass (which is much cheaper). It is used where the wire prevents glass, cracked by the heat of a fire, from falling out.

PigletJohn Wed 14-Sep-16 13:16:56

also get an idea from

I don't know if it needs a special frame. Plastic melts.

PuntCuffin Wed 14-Sep-16 17:00:30

There is no way I am putting wired windows into a domestic setting, particularly a 1900's coach house! The nasty PVC fake leads it has at the moment are completely out of keeping with it as it is without putting industrial style windows in to satisfy a local jobsworth. Thanks for trying though.

PigletJohn Wed 14-Sep-16 17:36:21

there are sample prices for pyro glass in that link.

it says max size is half a square metre though.

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