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Has anyone moved overhead cables?

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coolpatterngirl Tue 13-Sep-16 11:30:51

Still waiting to exchange so I've started getting quotes on bits I'd like to do to the house.

I see we can move the electrical cables underground and the indicative quote is £800 and scaffolding costs.

What else would we need to pay for?

Loumate666 Tue 13-Sep-16 13:02:13

I moved overhead cables a couple of years back. It was a co-ordination nightmare but I also had to move the meter at the same time. If yours is just a straight overhead to underground, I cant see any extra costs. One word of warning, the OHP people wouldn't work under my scaffolding (it was explicit in the agreement) I ended up taking mine down and they used a cherry picker to do the OHP move after which I had to put the scaffolding up again!

FWIW, mine was a ball-ache as :

- The OHP People (UK Power Networks in my case) will get the new power cable to the 100amp fuse
- The electricity supply company (EDF) then connect the meter
- The electrician then connects the fuse board to the meter

It was hard getting everyone here at the same time given you get 8 hour service windows from the OHP people and your electricity supplier. We were left with no electricity for about 10 hours given EDF took it upon themselves to walk offsite but the OHP people had already moved the main supply's making me angry just thinking about it again!!! angryangryangry

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