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Pure white quartz or slight fleck?

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cps26 Mon 12-Sep-16 23:45:26

Wondering if anyone can shed any wisdom on a choice which we seem to be flip-flopping back and forth on! Just about to have kitchen redone - having Ikea units in a shiny gloss grey (Ringhult) to be paired with a white quartz worktop.

Initially we'd thought we wanted a pure white worktop with no fleck at all - and were looking at Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme. However, we're now wondering if going for pure white might be a mistake, with some risk of staining it (and it showing more without any fleck?) and just keeping it looking spotless day-to-day. So have been considering the Silestone Blanco Maple as an alternative, on the basis that it still gives the "look" of a white worktop against the grey cabinets, but has a bit of something else going on.

Does anyone have any thoughts?! Anyone got Silestone Blanco Maple and love / hate it? I realise it is all subjective (and such a first world problem to have...) but v grateful for any advice or views!

AnnieOnnieMouse Tue 13-Sep-16 00:02:35

I only have a cheap worktop, but it is plain white and although it looks lovely the moment it has been cleaned, then the slightest drip or crumb really shows up. It has started to stain in some places, and that does not look good.
Go for a fleck

wowfudge Tue 13-Sep-16 07:06:51

Definitely go for the Blanco Maple.

cps26 Wed 14-Sep-16 15:17:28

Thanks all! Sounds like a fleck is the way to go!

ilovetosleep Thu 15-Sep-16 18:38:59

I have blanco Zeus extreme suede finish. I love it! It's beautiful, but yes it does have more of a tendency to stain although I think that's the suede Matt effect rather than the colour. Stains do come off with cif though. It looks stunning agains our grey worktops.

HereIAm20 Thu 15-Sep-16 18:43:07

I have Brazilian Canadian White which is white with grey and glass fleck but not footballer's wives style bling!

here it is

YorkshireFatRascal Thu 15-Sep-16 19:12:17

Just finished our kitchen, high gloss grey doors from Howdens and Iris Tristone worktop. This has light grey flecks and I think it works well (though I may be biased!) I think pure white can be a bit harsh and would certainly show every crumb.

MrsFogi Thu 15-Sep-16 19:23:16

I had the extreme in my last kitchen - I loved it but my goodness it was quite a commitment to avoid stains + every crumb, drip and smear showed.

jigster01 Thu 15-Sep-16 19:23:52

Where did you get your kitchen from HereIam20 ?? It's exactly the sort of shaker look we want's beautiful

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