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smelly boxed in pipes?

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worldbookday Mon 12-Sep-16 19:23:21

We have recently moved house to a 1930s house. We know that in 2014 the boiler was moved from the smallest bedroom (which we need to use) down into the kitchen. The smallest bedroom is meant for dd (7). However, there is a musty fusty smell in the room even though I've been blowing it out with wide open window for weeks. There is also a box, like for boxed in pipes but it is up to waist height with a shelf on top. Unfortunately there is NO way into it, the top must be glued on. There is no gap anywhere, no obvious damp patches or anything. ARGH! The carpet is stuck down and the walls are covered with plasterboard. I think the smell is strongest near the box. Who should I call???

MiniMum97 Mon 12-Sep-16 20:42:25

Think you are just going to have to start pulling things apart to see what is going on. Starting with the box!

PigletJohn Mon 12-Sep-16 21:48:13

post some pics.

Is this "box" near the bathroom?

Is the soil pipe visible, and does it rise through the roof or on an outside wall, with the top above window height?

Get bashing.

worldbookday Tue 13-Sep-16 12:13:38

Not much to look at really, just a neatly painted box that is 72 cm across, just 10cm deep and 81 cm high, with a slight overhang from the shelf on top, it's in the corner of the room. The toilet is "miles" away at the front of the house but the box is on what used to be the external wall before an extension in the very early 2000s, when there was also previously a toilet just next door to it(according to plans I found in the loft), but that toilet room was made into a corridor with downstairs open plan so I guess all that soil piping was removed. Carpet looks fairly newish.
Bashing then eh?

PigletJohn Tue 13-Sep-16 12:40:29

look for one of these

echt Tue 13-Sep-16 12:46:57

God, I had this in my house. The soil stack from the ensuite upstairs went behind built in cupboards downstairs. Someone joined together two bits of the pipe with duct tape, which had gone dry. Every so often the smell after a flush was unbelievable.

worldbookday Sun 18-Sep-16 19:28:40

Hey, sorry for the loong wait for reply. echt sounds bad, lucky mine is definitely not so strong, PigletJohn thanks you could be right. I knocked on the box and the shape seems to fit with a tall pipe on the left of the box and a low pipe at the bottom. Also this morning the washing machine drained and the upstairs was filled with a really strong smell of clean washing - nice but suspicious!

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