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Dishwasher recommendations please

(52 Posts)
Fleck Sun 11-Sep-16 16:55:33

Our dishwasher has just broken so we need to get a new one ASAP. We will be getting the kitchen redone in the next 3-6 months so I think we want an integrated one that we can use without the panel for the moment. Any recommendations please? We will be here for a good while so happy to spend more for something that does a good job and will last.

EchidnasPhone Sun 11-Sep-16 17:00:12

We renovated earlier this year & bought this
It is amazing! So handy with the 2 drawers really quiet & great to be able to do either a small load in one midway through the day or a big load plus a heavier duty wash of pans etc in another drawer.

PigletJohn Sun 11-Sep-16 17:07:39

For reliability, the BSH brands. Siemens tend to be a bit fancier and upmarket than Bosch.

Fleck Sun 11-Sep-16 17:11:07

Ooh that drawer one looks good, thanks. The one that broke is Siemens and it's been leaving food bits on things for a while so I'm hesitant to get another of there's. I've heard good things about Miele but they have a big price tag...

PigletJohn Sun 11-Sep-16 17:15:56

...or looking at the most recent Which best buys:

highest scoring full size fully integrated are:

Siemens SN678D00TG £765 scored 86%
Miele G4960SCVi £735 81%
Siemens SN66L080GB £430 81%

Personally I prefer free-standing. You get more for your money, and they are very much easier to install, remove, repair, or slide out to remove a dead mouse.

Fleck Sun 11-Sep-16 17:30:38

How long have you had the fisher paykal one echidna? There seems to be a mix of 5 star reviews and 1 star ones due to reliability issues.

Fleck Sun 11-Sep-16 17:32:51

Thanks piglet, I'll check those out. Hmm I hadn't thought about the practicalities of integrated. I just assumed it only had a front panel on so you'd just pull it out as normal.

EchidnasPhone Sun 11-Sep-16 17:48:43

We've had ours since January but they're quite popular in Aus & a friend has had hers for a couple years no problem. We bought from JL & I saw the mix of reviews but the more I researched I couldn't find anything but positive reviews it was only the one review from JL that seemed to be negative.

Fleck Sun 11-Sep-16 18:20:10

Thanks echidna. They do look like a handy design. Will see if OH has a heart attack at the price tag grin

StepAwayFromTheThesaurus Sun 11-Sep-16 18:42:50

Whatever you do, do not buy an integrated smeg dishwasher. Unless you want to see the repair person every bloody week. And have dishes washed badly even when it is supposedly working.

PigletJohn Sun 11-Sep-16 18:49:42

Integrated are screwed to the cabinets on each side, and often to the worktop as well, so don't move.

Fleck Sun 11-Sep-16 20:00:20

Thanks. Will have to have a think. Does sound like they are more of a pain. I do like the look though. Will avoid smeg!

Fleck Sun 11-Sep-16 20:00:53

Is that true for semi integrated too?

JT05 Sun 11-Sep-16 20:24:57

Bosch for me. I have one 20+years taken to the HH and it's still going strong. An Electrolux one came with my last kitchen, it was ok, but plastic bits broke.

magimedi Sun 11-Sep-16 20:36:24

I left a 21 year old Miele in a house I sold ten years ago & saw it was still there when the house was sold again last year.............

OnePlanOnHouzz Sun 11-Sep-16 20:59:20

Miele gets my vote ... Personally I prefer the continued look of an integrated one rather than breaking up the often sleek lines of a new kitchen with freestanding appliances - but each to their own !

PigletJohn Sun 11-Sep-16 21:07:02

I don't know about the semis, they are not so common.

Integrated appliances are set back at the bottom so you can run the plinth under them. This means they have a smaller footprint and are more prone to fall forward when the door is open, hence they are screwed down. I had a look but couldn't find an installation manual to check.

frenchielala Sun 11-Sep-16 21:11:53

I got a NEFF slimline integrated one and we used it for about 3 months without the front panel before the new kitchen went in. Worked all fine, just had to be careful as the door was light without the front panel on so could fly up pretty quick if the bottom rack wasn't over it.

So far, it has been working well.. I would recommend.

villainousbroodmare Sun 11-Sep-16 21:13:21

No idea but don't get one with a rack for cutlery at the top. Get the sort with the usual cutlery basket. Upside-down spoons filled with dirty water is not nice.

Fleck Sun 11-Sep-16 22:21:44

This is all very helpful, thanks! I liked the look of the cutlery tray but we already end up with the kids plastic bowls and cups getting turned over and full of water, definitely don't want that with all the spoons.

mumsnit Sun 11-Sep-16 22:29:29

I have an integrated Neff dishwasher and its great - incredibly quiet which was important as we have a kitchen diner. My DM has a Miele slimline dishwasher still going strong after 18 years!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 11-Sep-16 22:34:30

I had a 20+ year old meile dish washer before replacing it with another meile.

TrinityForce Sun 11-Sep-16 22:35:37

Hi Piglet, any chance you can copy and paste the best Which? freestanding dishwashers?

thank you

Chickenagain Sun 11-Sep-16 22:39:03

My ancient inherited Miele was brilliant, the Bosch Classix I put in my holiday cottages were excellent, my Siemens was awful and I replaced it with a s/h stainless steel Miele - back to wonderful again!

MyWineTime Sun 11-Sep-16 22:46:39

I absolutely love my Bosch with the cutlery shelf at the top!!
If spoons are filling up with water, I cannot imagine how you are loading them! They slot in sideways.
It is hands down the best dishwasher I have ever had.

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