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Did I hire a cowboy?

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user1473582613 Sun 11-Sep-16 09:33:54

Hi, hoping somebody can help.
We put off having our house re-wired for various reasons, finally after 9 years we were in a position to have the work done. We got three quotes and went with the electrician we felt we preferred.
We were told it would take 4 days to do the re-wire and a plasterer would attend on the Friday to finish the job.

We decided to go on holiday and the electrician said the work would be done a day faster.

I got an email 3 days in to say the plasterer was working on the house that day, we assumed the work would be finished when we returned home. We arrived home Thursday 5pm to what looked like a bomb site! Two electricians were fixing sockets and cleaning up, the plasterer had half done the job (working til 1am in the morning our disgruntled neighbour informed us - it's a terraced house) and gone on holiday!!! The business owner had also gone away (with the plasterer).

We went out and returned an hour later to a slightly tidier house with sockets and light switches still hanging off the walls, the electricians were due back Friday but didn't turn up.

We contacted the business owner to advise we weren't happy and he arranged for a plumber to visit to repair a leak they created when installing a new shower, he said the plasterer would be back Monday to finish off and he would be in touch.

Okay, so it's now Sunday, and we've spent 2 days tidying and have the following issues:

All carpets have got 'bits' underneath - rubble, cables, screws etc so were having to pull them all back and clean up - is this normal? I would have expected the electricians to put the carpets back as it was agreed they would in a state that was fit for walking on

We have several light switches/sockets hanging off the walls

The heaters they agreed to install haven't been done correctly and they haven't used the correct fixings kits provided

Sockets aren't straight

Plasterer has ruined 2 carpets

Cutlery has gone missing and a hat that was hanging on the wall (in an area they weren't working) has gone

Lampshades have been ruined

Shower isn't working correctly

The electrician is registered with Elesca but the two lads who have been working on the house aren't, does this matter?

I don't want the plasterer coming back and creating more mess, obviously we had to unpack our furniture (thankfully we shrink wrapped everything). I don't think it's acceptable for him to disappear on holiday half way through our work causing us double the distruption and I'm not planning on paying him. Am I being reasonable?

I also want to reduce the price agreed for the re-wire due to above mentioned issues, is this reasonable?

I'm going to buy a new cutlery set and hat and deduct this from the bill, along with the cost of a new carpet.

I'm also concerned that the job might not have been done properly? Any advice?


wowfudge Sun 11-Sep-16 13:39:38

Is this a joke?

wowfudge Sun 11-Sep-16 22:29:24

OP - an apology from me: I saw that you were going to deduct the cost of cutlery and a hat from the bill, but I had totally missed that you had stated these were missing further up your post so thought this statement was very odd. I'm sorry and must make sure I read posts in full.

Did you prepare for the work as instructed? I think I would have removed all light shades if all the wiring was being replaced and, if floorboards were being lifted, taken up the carpets to be properly refitted afterwards. It's a very messy job - if cables can be pulled through channels then less so, but not minor work.

List everything which is not right room by room and give the boss the opportunity to put things right. You need the rewire to be certified so that's your goal as well as getting the problems caused put right.

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