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Integrated appliance doors: no appliances!

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ShortLass Sun 11-Sep-16 09:24:04

So it looks like I'll be putting in a new kitchen to sell the house (refurb after tennants move out).

I'll need to put in integrated oven (possibly keeping existing one) with maybe microwave stacked in tall cupboard, plus a gas hob.

The kitchen already includes plumbing for dishwasher & washing machine (no utility room). I don't want to buy these appliances, but just leave space for them. Was thinking just getting integrated appliance doors and putting those in. However, these doors are fitted by attaching them to the appliances. Can I fit these doors without appliances? Any idea how?

The new owners can either remove doors and put in their own free standing stuff, or buy the integrated appliances they want.

Actually fitting out with new appliances or putting in base units that new owners would have to take out seems a pointless expense.

SoupDragon Sun 11-Sep-16 09:28:05

If the integrated doors weren't expensive, I might buy them but just leave them - the ones I had in my kitchen did bolt to the appliance so there is no way of installing them without an appliance. Well, you might be able to bodge it by fitting it to hardboard or something but I wouldnt think it worthwhile.

I'd probably just leave gaps TBH. Less hassle.

SoupDragon Sun 11-Sep-16 09:28:48

If the kitchen is new and still available, the new owners would be able to buy doors if they wanted integrated appliances.

ShortLass Sun 11-Sep-16 10:03:37

Leaving gaps looks horrible in agents photos. This is not an option.

Yes, will be leaving details of what the kitchen is so new owners can buy extra bits if they want.

MrsPJones Sun 11-Sep-16 10:41:00

A 2nd hand appliance could be a good compromise, they can be very cheap. I did a brand new kitchen and got mostly Miele and Neff appliances 2nd hand rather than going for hot point. We are planning on selling soon. We paid approximately £100 each appliance eg. Neff double oven, £50 neff integrated microwave, £100 Miele dishwasher. I am sure you could get a washing machine for £50 just to hang the door on.

BombadierFritz Sun 11-Sep-16 10:43:46

photoshop them into the photos?

travailtotravel Sun 11-Sep-16 10:47:59

Leave the gaps. Doors or photoshopping in is misleading. Aren't agents particulars considered to be one of the reference points for what's included in the sale?

BombadierFritz Sun 11-Sep-16 10:49:41

yes I dont know if you can photoshop. I was just thinking that a freestanding fridge and washing machine are not included so it would be like those newbuild photos where they photoshop the furniture for the photos

Hufflepuffin Sun 11-Sep-16 10:55:57

We are buying a house which had gaps for the washing machine and dishwasher in the pictures. Didn't look bad and doesn't bother us. Oven and fridge are present and integrated though.

wowfudge Sun 11-Sep-16 10:56:55

You probably won't get a return on the outlay for the new kitchen. Unless the condition of the existing one is really bad, it's not worth doing. If the current kitchen is passable a buyer will want to put their own stamp on the place. I think I'd find it weird if you'd made a kitchen look as though it had integrated appliances when it didn't. Just leave spaces. Not everyone likes integrated kitchens - they limit what you can have, the appliances are more expensive and more hassle if anything goes wrong.

Can you tell I think it's a bad idea? smile

LIZS Sun 11-Sep-16 10:58:16

Agree leave the gaps. Tbh integrated appliances are overrated and a pita. The type of door limits the type of appliance and they cost a lot more.

ShortLass Sun 11-Sep-16 10:59:58

MrsPJones I had a quick look at aecond hand yesterday and din't really see anything. Was thinkingby the time I've paid someone to movethe second hand appliance, I might have juat bought new with free delivery. Where did you find your second hand appliances? I'm happy to give it another go as I think this is a good option if I could do it.

Photoshopping would be dishonest and you can't photoshop in things in real life for when people visit. Agents details would say something like, "space and plumbing for washing machine and dishwasher (not included)". Not looking to be dishonest, just create a nice impression.

Etak15 Sun 11-Sep-16 11:02:34

I don't think anyone would mind gaps where appliances should be in the photos esp if it's a nice new kitchen - at least viewers can see that there are no nasty leaks behind the appliances (speak from bitter experience of surprise leaks!)

MrsPJones Sun 11-Sep-16 11:04:20

I think they mostly came from gumtree, but we can remove seats in our car so my husband could collect so we did not have delivery charges.

YelloDraw Sun 11-Sep-16 11:06:58

I don't think gaps will look too bad. There are often gaps in houses that have been renovated and the description says "space and plumbing for DW and WM" or whatever.

Oliversmumsarmy Sun 11-Sep-16 11:09:23

I would appreciate the cupboard doors having been bought and the space left open. Wouldn't bother with a microwave.

greenfolder Sun 11-Sep-16 11:10:10

I have a Howden kitchen. The doors are exactly the same as cupboard doors just with different fixings. Don't see the issue.

ShortLass Sun 11-Sep-16 11:31:19

Wowfudge My dad says the same as you. The agent turned up her nose at the idea of the house not having a new kitchen.

Current kitchen is 23 years old (put in by original builder), limed oak style with laminate worktops. There would be three gaps where dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer once were -- making a not very nice looking kitchen look even worse. Now that it's been rented out for eight years, goodness knows what state it's in.

Oliversmumsarmy Yes, that's the idea. Have the doors so people can see what it looks like and they can decide whether to put a free standing appliance in there or integrated.

MrsPJones Clearly, what I need is a husband (perhaps for another thread). I could probably get a second hand washing machine in my car, but how would I lift it to get it in there? Or, indeed, out again.

Has no one got an answer to my actual question? How to put the doors in the kitchen without appliances to fix them to? There must be a way.

Musicaltheatremum Sun 11-Sep-16 11:41:03

We have just removed an integrated fridge freezer as it broke (and I am not replacing as I had 2 fridge freezers and only need one as kids have left home) we just unscrewed the appliance from the door and it just looks like a normal cupboard door so I am sure you could just do a normal door and the cupboard is like a shell with no back behind it.

Hufflepuffin Sun 11-Sep-16 11:44:14

I've seen appliances on freecycle before! Obvs would need to pay someone for delivery, but I've had good luck with man and van services for £15 an hour if you post on your local Facebook selling page

SoupDragon Sun 11-Sep-16 11:55:25

Yes. You'd have to fill the gap with Something like hardboard, attach the door bracket/door to that. Or fit it to an appliance sized cardboard box and slot it in.

bouncydog Sun 11-Sep-16 12:36:33

The only thing is, you need certain appliance housings for different makes of appliances. Eg. Fridge and freezer or oven and microwave - not all makes of appliances are the same size. So you could end up with a buyer that likes a certain brand and would knock you down on price because the housings wouldn't fit the appliances.

I would be inclined to get the kitchen cleaned and price into the sale. Nothing worse that viewing a house with a new kitchen that you don't like!

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