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Last minute nerves about buying a 'do-er-upper'!

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mostlyrain Fri 09-Sep-16 16:59:01

We're 2 weeks off completion on a house. I'm starting to get cold feet due to the amount of work it needs. It's in the location we want to live in and love. We should never out grow the house but it needs everything doing to it....everything. It's liveable but we won't have much money to sort it out until we ditch the nursery bill (2-3yrs time). Are we mad?!?!

DoItTooJulia Fri 09-Sep-16 17:02:13

Yes, truly bonkers! But you're in good company smile.

Location is key for reselling, so you're onto a winner. Try and remember that when it's tough going/ that and it'll all benworthnit in the end.

Good luck!flowers

DoItTooJulia Fri 09-Sep-16 17:02:40

Oh balls. Terrible typing. Sorry!

LBOCS2 Fri 09-Sep-16 17:03:06

Nope. I grew up in a doer upper (aged 3 onwards). My sister was born there. It's an absolutely beautiful house now and been in the family for almost 30 years because it genuinely was perfect. A couple of years pain vs your perfect property is worth it, no?

blowmybarnacles Fri 09-Sep-16 17:03:08

Well, you'll never be bored. grin


The idea of ideal location and never growing out of out is worth it, in my opinion.

Lots of thrifty things you can do too, lots of inspiration on the internet.
A house you can make your own so much better then a box house with no soul.


Plumpysoft Fri 09-Sep-16 17:03:38

You won't regret it! I'm looking for the next one!

CanISayOfHerFace Fri 09-Sep-16 17:04:36

We've just done the same thing although only lived in the house for 6 months before we started work.

A couple of questions... Do you have enough money to do anything? How bad is it? Can you live there happily for three years without doing any work? Do you have children or are you planning children within the same timescale?

PurpleDaisies Fri 09-Sep-16 17:05:05

If you're the person above me in the chain, buy the bloody house!!!

PurpleDaisies Fri 09-Sep-16 17:06:47

Seriously, fixer uppers are great. At least you have to do everything so you get it done to your taste rather than living with something you don't like for years. There ways of doing things cheaply. Good luck with whatever you decide.

mostlyrain Fri 09-Sep-16 17:06:47

Phew you guys are making me feel better! It's a radical change for us. City life to village life plus moving to a house that never needed work to one that needs everything! The space and location are what sold it for us (and schools etc).

Here it is: Bristol Road, Chew Stoke

mostlyrain Fri 09-Sep-16 17:08:06

We've got 2 DCs (1yo and 3yo). We will have enough for new heating system and possibly a bathroom but that's it! Piled everything into getting it!!

DoItTooJulia Fri 09-Sep-16 17:09:10

<wit woo> that's beautiful

Although not a do-er upper by my standards though!

Westcountrygemini Fri 09-Sep-16 17:10:10

Gorgeous house in a lovely area, go for it!

CodyKing Fri 09-Sep-16 17:11:00

What 'needs' doing exactly?

CremeEggThief Fri 09-Sep-16 17:13:11

Er, where's all the stuff that needs doing up?confused Paint and possible replace the salmon pink carpet and you're done. Lovely house, with a beautiful gardensmile.

NetballHoop Fri 09-Sep-16 17:14:21

That's MUCH less of a do-er upper than the one we bought! That looks like you could move in straight away and redecorate as and when.

Is that damp down the side of the fireplace in the living room though? That would worry me.

For what it's worth, we've "nearly" finished doing up our place. But it has taken over 10 years so the bits we did first now need doing again sad

manandbeast Fri 09-Sep-16 17:15:40

First world problems OP?!

Seriously though - congratulations it's beautiful

mostlyrain Fri 09-Sep-16 17:16:48

It's got rising damp in the living room. There's no dpc apparently. Needs a new heating system and no double glazing downstairs....

yummycake123 Fri 09-Sep-16 17:17:52

It's a beautiful house!
I think it will be worth it.
Good luck!

LBOCS2 Fri 09-Sep-16 17:23:55

That's really really not a doer upper.

Beautiful house though!

ShortLass Fri 09-Sep-16 17:26:52

A beautiful house. If you don't grasp your chance you will forever regret it.

JT05 Fri 09-Sep-16 17:29:51

Go for it! It looks lovely. We've gutted three houses , in the past,of the rampant dry rot/ holes in roof and floor type, also with little ones.

Yours looks lovely and ready to move into.

CremeEggThief Fri 09-Sep-16 17:31:03

You're not the buyer someone on another thread is fuming with, are you?grin

gillybeanz Fri 09-Sep-16 17:32:21

Talking from experience here.
if you had the money to do it all at once, things like decorating will all need doing at the same time again, as would new kitchen and bathroom.
Staggering them over a few years means not having to do them all again.

Plus you'll appreciate it far more. Take pictures of the transformation as it takes place, then look back in years to come.

mostlyrain Fri 09-Sep-16 17:33:49

Cremeegg I hope not!! We're definitely going ahead but just got the last min nerves!!

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