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Getting a builder - are my expectations too high?

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OverandUnderandThrough Mon 05-Sep-16 22:12:34

Just looking for some experience / opinions from people who have had extensions...

We have been planning an extension for a while - got planning permission through and building warrant. Got quotes through from 4 companies and decided to go with one of them. We asked our architect to look over the quote for us as we have never had building work before and so not sure what to look out for. The architect came back with a list of issues that needed amending on the quote.

Now here is where the problems have begun - it has been around 6 weeks since we have been going back and forth with email communication to try and resolve these issues. The builder had quoted for some things the wrong spec, and had missed out other things. The final list of what needed addressing was sent through about 4 weeks ago now, and since then each time I've emailed there has been a reason why it's not been possible to do it (eg the person who could do that costing is away, another one has family issues). Finally they said they would have the final quote to us by 1st sept, but this didn't arrive, nor any other communication.

We decided over the weekend that it shouldn't be this difficult, and to look for another company, so I emailed the original one to say that we have decided this. They have come back to me very quickly to say they would have had the final quote with me by the end of this week, and were planning to start soon!!

I'm feeling guilty about this, but surely it shouldn't be so difficult at the beginning when they are trying to get our business? It's not a massive extension, but still a 3 month job...

What would you do / have other people done in similar situations?

Thanks for the advice!!

sentia Mon 05-Sep-16 22:15:08

If they're like this now they will be like this when your build is underway, and who knows what corners they will cut without you realising it on the build. I would find someone more organised.

Pradaqueen Mon 05-Sep-16 22:20:18

Agreed. Communication is key. You don't know them from Adam so don't feel guilty not going with them. Trust me, when you are six/eight/twelve/sixteen weeks in, they won't feel the slightest bit guilty invoicing you for items not mentioned/forgotten off the quote. Email them now and specifically cite why you won't be proceeding using the examples posted here. Then find another firm your gut tells you will be able to work with (after they have given you a quote on Time!)

Cacofonix Mon 05-Sep-16 22:21:10

Perhaps they no longer want the job as they perceive you as difficult and picky??? But I would agree that they are only going to get worse so ditch them now!

LineyReborn Mon 05-Sep-16 22:22:14

Oh please bin them before you have to start laying out money. Trust your gut.

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