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Underground Spring under garage

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coolpatterngirl Mon 05-Sep-16 17:37:27

Hello again, our purchase is still dragging on.

I met the neighbour over the weekend who was very keen to chat about boundary issues that she's had with our vendor and particularly wanted to know if I'd been made aware of the spring under the garage which has a pump connected and apparently flows into the front garden.

I've never been in the garage as the agent hasn't had a key and our survey was conducted without accessing the garage.

I'm particularly annoyed that this has been concealed from us and the neighbour advised the agent is aware of this.

Now I have to arrange another survey if the key miraculously turns up but does anyone have any experience with underground springs and what we should be looking for?

wowfudge Mon 05-Sep-16 18:27:40

Ask the agent to ask the vendor about it before you go any further. If they have tried to conceal it then it's a really daft thing to do as these things tend to come to light.

coolpatterngirl Mon 05-Sep-16 18:44:21

Thanks, I have done and advised the solicitor too.

Palomb Tue 06-Sep-16 07:27:41

Is want the garage resurveyed at the vendors cost.

The local water company might be useful to talk to. Didn't the spring come up on the searches? I'm sure we got a maps of all local l water courses when we bought ours. Have you had the flood search?

wowfudge Tue 06-Sep-16 07:38:26

It sounds as though they aren't at the searches stage yet, but I may be wrong.

coolpatterngirl Tue 06-Sep-16 07:43:12

We're almost ready to exchange!

Nothing of any relevance came up in the searches but I didn't ask about springs.

Palomb Tue 06-Sep-16 09:06:02

That sounds very strange. Give the local water company a ring and see what they say. You need to know who is reponsible for the pump, whether the garage is a usable space, if the spring causes any problems with the house etc etc. I'm surprised this hasn't come up on any searches.
I'm also surprised you weren't concerned about the locked garage! Did you mention it to the vendor or your solicitor?

It does sound a bit like your potential neighbour is a bit of a stirrer though doesn't it.

SoupDragon Tue 06-Sep-16 09:19:22

I would as the vendor about it and demand access to the garage.

My feelings are that, if they are trying to hide it, there is a problem.

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