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builder changing terms of original quote with no warning - do we pay?

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runningLou Mon 05-Sep-16 10:03:04

We are in the final stages of having an extension. Typically it is now over time and over budget. There's just the tiling (floor and walls) and a few finishing bits left to do. Builder who's in charge of it all included cost of tiling in original quote (£800). He didn't book the tiler to follow on after kitchen fitters as he wasn't able to find one (hmmm...) so we had a couple of weeks where nothing happened. Builder then asked me if I could find a tiler. I did, but he was meant to be dealing with the builder re: payment, not me.
Friday I am at the house with builder and tiler, atmosphere seems strained. I leave as had to look after DC. Then get text from tiler that builder has told him to deal directly with me re: payment. Cost of tiling is now £1600. I felt I had to pay the tiler something at this point as he had done 4 days' work at the house.
Obviously I need to raise this with builder but unsure whether to do it now or wait until he has finished all the work (still needs to re-hang doors, fit plinth, plumb in new toilet) and then dispute final payment?
DH wanted to get in touch with builder and ask for a meeting tonight at ours 'to discuss finances' but I am loath to do this until work is complete in case they disappear!
Have I been stupid and missed something or does this often happen and what is the best way of dealing with it?

Stillunexpected Mon 05-Sep-16 10:33:58

No it doesn't happen and I hope you got it in writing from the builder that you needed to source the tiler and his charges would still be included in the original quote. Also, when you found the tiler surely he told you how much the work would cost and you passed this on to the builder? Who did the tiler think would be paying him - presumably you discussed the situation with him before work started? It sounds like a lack of communication and everyone assuming that someone else was looking after the payment.

runningLou Mon 05-Sep-16 10:40:44

I haven't got anything in writing from the builder other than the original quote, unfortunately. I wasn't aware of how much the tiler was costing as he was dealing directly with the builder. After he'd spoken to the tiler and agreed for him to do the work, the builder did mention to me that the tiler had asked for more than he originally quoted for - he was sore about this as he said he was losing money on the job. At no point did he mention that we would have to pay the tiler and that he would pass on the full cost of his own underestimate to us. Both the tiler and I thought the builder would be paying him.

namechangedtoday15 Mon 05-Sep-16 11:45:02

Was tiling quote for floor and walls? Was there anything in the quote which said "to be confirmed" or "estimate" subject to change once he'd booked tiler / seen what kind of tiles you were having?

runningLou Mon 05-Sep-16 11:49:51

Tiling quote was for floor and walls, including grout and adhesive (we had to supply tiles, which we did). No caveats like 'TBC' or 'estimate'.

magicstar1 Mon 05-Sep-16 11:57:55

£1600 for tiling and you're supplying tiles??? That seems like a mad price. I'm in Ireland, and have used an amazing tiler who charges €150 per day plus adhesive etc.
I'd want a breakdown from the builder, and make him pay the tiler as it's his fault.

runningLou Mon 05-Sep-16 12:22:29

I think it's a bonkers price too ... the walls were quoted as £160, and that will take a day, or less, as splashback area is small.
The floor was quoted as £1440. It is a big area - 40m2, but it seems a lot for what will work out about 5.5 days' work.
I definitely want the builder to pay for the discrepancy between his original quote and what the tiler is asking ... just not sure whether to try and have that (very awkward!) discussion with him now, when there's work outstanding, or to wait until the job is finished and then dispute our final payment?

runningLou Tue 06-Sep-16 12:20:45

Tiler is now meant to be finishing floor today and doing walls on Thurs. He will also rehang doors and fit plinth. This only leaves fitting downstairs toilet for builder to do. Not sure how this affects final payment and whether to deduct full cost of tiling.

icklekid Tue 06-Sep-16 12:25:38

Have you paid tiler? If included in builders quote why didn't you tell tiler he needed to take it up with the builder? Also a bit confused if you found the tiler why you didn't ask him for a quote? Or did you just find one who was avaliable? I can understand getting builder to finish before finalising payment presuming still enough outstanding to take off tiling cost?

runningLou Wed 07-Sep-16 09:51:19

We have paid tiler for floor tiling so far. I probably should have told tiler to take it up with builder when he approached me for money but to be honest I felt panicked he wouldn't finish the job and we are desperate to get back into the house (been out since early July). Tiler said builder had refused to pay him so I felt I had to as he had done the work.
I found the tiler, but then passed his details on to builder who dealt with quote etc.
Yes, there is still enough outstanding to deduct tiling cost from builder's final payment.
I feel I have handled this badly, feel naive / intimidated, but just want to get the job finished and not lose lots in the process.

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