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Replacing esse boiler?

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Thelovecats Sun 04-Sep-16 22:06:26

We have a range cooker/boiler like this pic, which I don't like. The kitchen also has a rangemaster so the boiler takes up loads of work surface. We have a mega flow tank too.
Can I replace the range with a regular boiler, and if so what would that look like? (Wall mounted, floor?) It would need to be hidden inside kitchen units whatever it is.

Herschellmum Sun 04-Sep-16 23:02:25

Yes, where there is a will there is a way ... You can replace it with whatever you want really, we replaced our free standing to a wall mounted recently.

Give the big boys a call like British Gas, they can give you all be information on what would be best given what you want and need, then you can shop around ... Their prices will be higher, but they do include things like a power flush to the system, chemical etc which I'm unsure if you even have radiators? But they also offer finance, however it may be way cheaper to go with local plumbers (make sure they are highly recommended), but if she get a quote with British Gas they can go through all the options out there and recommend something to suit, rather than call up a local one and them recommend what they have on sale somewhere, and then you can directly say exactly what you want.

Thelovecats Mon 05-Sep-16 06:53:23

Should have said, I'm not in the UK and its oil central heating...
You're right though I need to do someone to advise and not just try to sell me something

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