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PigletJohn I need your advice please!....

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Sarb81 Sun 04-Sep-16 20:49:37

From messages on the board I get the impression that you know alot about electrics?....

We have just been quoted for a rewire and i just wanted to get an opinion as to whether it seems reasonable or not as we (myself and my husband) dont have a clue!

Check existing wiring to kitchen area & carry out the following work at the above
1. External – 3x lights to rear, 1x light to side, 2x flood lights to rear garden (all external
lights are switched), external socket to side & front (with internal switched spur)
2. Entrance Porch: 2 × wall lights (switched)
3. Front room: 1 x ceiling light, 4× downlights (4 gang dimmer), 10 × double sockets
4. Kids Playroom : 1 x ceiling light, 4× double sockets
5. Hall – 2 ×ceiling lights (2 way switch), interlinked smoke alarm, 1 x double socket
6. Garage: 1 x ceiling light, 4x double socket
7. Landing ­ 1 x double socket, interlinked smoke alarm, 2 × ceiling lights (2 way)
8. Bathroom – Replace 6x downlights, replace pull cord switch
9. Bedroom1: 4 x double sockets, 1x ceiling light
10. Bedroom 2 ­ 4 x double sockets, 1x ceiling light
11. Bedroom 3 ­ 4 x double sockets, 1x ceiling light
12. Bedroom 4 : 5 x double sockets, 1 x ceiling light, 2 x bedside wall lights (switched)
13. Ensuite: relocate shower switch, replace extractor fan
14. Bedroom 5 : – 4 × double socket, 1x ceiling light
15. Burglar alarm : New cabling, 6x sensors, control panel, 2x keypads, 2x sounders
16. CCTV : Install cabling for 5x cameras
17. TV: Install sky coaxial cabling to 3 x rooms
18. Network cabling: Install CAT6 network cabling to living room, office, master
bedroom (×2 cables per room & run to router location)
19. Check CPC earth bonding to water/gas pipe
18. Install 17th Edition split load duel RCD metal consumer unit
19. Issue certificate, register work with NAPIT
Sub Total £4350.00

Cost of chrome switches, sockets & chrome LED dimmer switches after deducting cost of standard white £470.00
Total : £4820.00

Many thanks in advance 😀

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