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What to do with a 25 cm gap between end of bath and wall

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nyc17 Sat 03-Sep-16 18:45:57

I am renovating my bathroom and have a 25 cm gap between the end of the bath and the wall. We are thinking of boxing it in and having a slightly raised shelf (5cm) at the end of the bath and tiling it. Anyone have any ideas/photos of how to fill the gap? Many thanks!

BertieBotts Sat 03-Sep-16 18:48:47

Yep, I think I'd just do that. Or maybe you can fit a very slim shelf in there?

TeddyBee Sat 03-Sep-16 18:51:19

We boxed and tiled a similar sized gap - now a very handy shampoo etc shelf smile

ButteredToastAndStrawberryJam Sat 03-Sep-16 19:01:26

If you can have the taps/shower at the opposite end of the gap/tiling it's better, leaks and all.

StandoutMop Sat 03-Sep-16 19:04:28

We had this in last house, not done by us. As well as tiled top, the underneath was a sort of hidden cupboard which bathroom cleaner lived in. Was fine, very useful use of a small space.

PigletJohn Sat 03-Sep-16 19:18:09

bigger bath.

PigletJohn Sat 03-Sep-16 19:19:06

"a sort of hidden cupboard which bathroom cleaner lived in"

she did?

bonzo77 Sat 03-Sep-16 19:20:02

Box in with tiles on top.
I've seen clever slide out drawers with shelves that could go underneath in the dead space: might be useful for spare toiletries, towels, loo roll.

bonzo77 Sat 03-Sep-16 19:22:11

Like this

BeachysSandyFlipFlops Sat 03-Sep-16 19:22:40

We set our bath out a bit to have a 'useful shelf thing' tiled behind. Could do the same at end ....

PikachuSayBoo Sat 03-Sep-16 19:38:39

I would want to build the wall all the way up the ceiling and put different recessed shelves in. Bit like this one in a shower.

NattyTile Sat 03-Sep-16 19:54:30

We had a lidded cupboard or shelf/drawer thingy for spare loo rolls etc.

dynevoran Sat 03-Sep-16 20:02:42

I'd do like Pikachu'a picture or build it all the way and make some pull out larger type thing in the side.

jigster01 Sat 03-Sep-16 20:06:35

Just measured ours and it's 5.5 cm ...we also have a deeper shelf ay other end with a cubby hole underneath .. perfect for loo roll ,bleach etc

dynevoran Sat 03-Sep-16 20:15:47

This is nice too

jigster01 Sat 03-Sep-16 20:35:04

Sorry op I read your post as 5cm ! The other end of my bath is 40cm

LBOCS2 Sat 03-Sep-16 21:12:00

We had one of these built.

SirKillalot Sat 03-Sep-16 22:03:46

We boxed and tiled the gap. It's very useful for the DC's bath toys.

trickyex Wed 07-Sep-16 23:08:07

I had this area boxed in and tiled, there is a half wall behind to enclose the cistern next to the bath so I asked the builders to create a niche which they tiled, good for bath stuff/soap.

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