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Has anyone got a Suede finish Silestone?

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ilovetosleep Sat 03-Sep-16 10:00:39

We had one installed less than a week ago, Blanco Zeus (pure white) It was the most expensive thing in out new kitchen. IT HAS STAINED!

I am livid. We looked at this work top at 3 different kitchen suppliers, they all said it was indestructible, stain proof, bomb proof. The fitter told me nothing would stain that a bit of Jof wouldn't remove.
This morning I made tea in my kitchen for the first time. In the time it took to brew a cup, a drop of tea (size of a 10p) has stained the work top a beigy colour. I scrubbed with Jif for 15 mins. It is still visible although probably now only to me and DH. But its definitely there.

I'm thinking maybe the matt suede finish is to blame. We have lots of friends with polished silestone who all rave about it being stain free heat proof blah blah blah. I could cry sad Less about the actual stain and more about having to look after it so militantly. We just wanted something easy to look after, we had wood before and I hated having to worry about it. We have kids, we have regular house guests, lots of people using the kitchen and I just don't want to have to worry about it.

Nothing I can do now I suppose. It cost a bloody fortune. Does Anyone have any cleaning suggestions?

romanvilla Sat 03-Sep-16 10:18:31

How odd, you must be gutted.
We have Silestone too , almost white, but it's never stained.
Have you tried Bar Keepers Friend? There will be a magic product out there.

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