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How much to fit amtico/Karndean?

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3kidsandus Fri 02-Sep-16 17:24:57

I'm debating one of these floors and have found some good prices for the actual flooring. Calling around most fitters are reluctant to give a quote over the phone but our extension isn't finished yet!

I wondered how much people paid per sqm for the fitting alone?

Nanasueathome Fri 02-Sep-16 17:27:33

I had Karndean fitted in my hall
It is only small, approx 15 sq metres and the cost worked out at over £70 per metre including all fitting
Expensive but looks really good and is hardwearing

Nanasueathome Fri 02-Sep-16 17:28:19

Sorry, that price was inclusive of the flooring as well

3kidsandus Fri 02-Sep-16 18:24:59

Ooh... You should have told me to sit down first!! We have about 60 sqms to cover!!

wowfudge Fri 02-Sep-16 19:50:41

The fitting costs the same whatever LVT you choose (some are much cheaper than those two brands). From memory it's around £30psm.

bigTillyMint Fri 02-Sep-16 19:55:49

I can't remember, but I LOVE the Karndean! We had it fitted in our kitchen 2 years ago and it is fab - warm underfoot and easy to clean.

ZedWoman Fri 02-Sep-16 20:48:52

We had Polyflor fitted by a commercial floor fitter recommended by our builder. Much cheaper than the 'high end' branded stuff but it looks just as goood and wears just as well.

We are going for the Polyflor click system in our new kitchen. It is about £17 per sq m wheereas the Karndean equivalent is about £30.

wowfudge Fri 02-Sep-16 21:24:53

The fitting is always about the same price though.

NanTheWiser Fri 02-Sep-16 21:39:01

I had 20 sq meters laid in my new kitchen yesterday - the fitting fee was £440. It's a two day job, first day is to lay the ply board and latex screed, the second day to fit the Karndean (it looks fab!)

We got John Lewis to quote for fitting Karndean in our hall - the total price was over £3K, and over half of that was the cost of fitting!

We went to B&Q, and paid a fraction of that for flooring from them, fitted by their fitter.

Imperialleather2 Fri 02-Sep-16 23:22:57

I were having 70m of Karen fitted. Quite ranged from 5k to 6.4k for the same stuff.

The £5k is a very good price because he wants the job so we've gone with him.

ggirl Fri 02-Sep-16 23:48:06

we asked about this recently and were given ball park figure of £20/m for the fitting

ZedWoman Sat 03-Sep-16 08:13:46

ggirl that sounds about right. For us, the cost of the polyflor including fitting was the same as the cost of the Karndean on its own.

3kidsandus Sat 03-Sep-16 09:10:28

Nanthewiser: can I ask where you're based? That's about £22 per square meter which is really good!

I've heard good things about polyflor but not really been able to find many suppliers.

I've found amtico spacia for £25 per sqm and budget for total flooring is £50. So fitting under £25 would be really good!

NanTheWiser Sat 03-Sep-16 11:59:27

I'm in north Surrey, 3kids, the flooring was supplied by a local store and he sub contracts the fitter. In fact, I asked if the fitting could be brought forwarded by a week, due to my decorator being delayed, and I think this particular fitter was asked if he could do it as the usual fitters were busy. Anyway, it appears this fitter has his own flooring business in Clapham, but the fee was still that which was quoted by the store initially.

Ntinyn Sun 04-Sep-16 06:41:57

I'm in Surrey, having Polyflor camaro fitted soon, c. £20 sqm for product, £40 sqm for fitting

Dizzydodo Sun 04-Sep-16 07:43:46

The price can vary depending on the work involved (which is why they don't like to quote over the phone) - does the old floor need uplifting, how much prep is involved -ply/screed/feather, how much waste will there be etc. We have Camarro in our house and we love it, has karndean in our old house and there's not much difference really.

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