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Need some help with a scratch in floor and weird bay window double glazing

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Jing4u2nv Fri 02-Sep-16 16:27:33

Hi I'm new heresmile
I have two small or not so small problems hope I could get some help and advice. Hubby is away I wana hide the dead bodies before his return :D


I'm about to get a new sofa. To make space I stupidly moved my piano by myself and ... Made a faint yet visible trails on my solid oak flooring. The dents are very shallow but such an eyesore. (Picture 3) I've tried the hot water and iron trick but didn't work. I only done it for 1 minute maybe it's just not long enough.. Or could I polish them out ?

Problem 2

I'm trying to get the new sofa in through the bay window because flat entrance is very awkward. But I can't even get inner glazing panel to stay up and it's very heavy to keep it lifted sad unlike the smaller side windows there is nothing on the tracks for the handles to slot it into position. The handles on this inner panel can glide along easily but seems like got nothing todo with locking it into position (picture 1). The outer panel lifts easily and stays in position without the need to lock at all. Plus I don't know how to Anyways... The handles on this outer panel can slide along too but also can be clicked inward as if some kinda of locking device but it locks onto nothing that I could see... (Picture 2) I duno am I missing something here??
I've tried online it's apparently called Everest but had no luck as it's very old...
Anyone has a window like this?

Pls help

Many thanks smile

Jing (as in jingo bells)

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