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Those trying to sell... how many viewings are you getting?

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Dumbled Thu 01-Sep-16 12:29:39

Ours started off well and has now totally petered away
No viewings in weeks
We are in the home counties

Issue with listing, price, agent or just the general slow market? How many viewings are you getting?

Normandy144 Thu 01-Sep-16 12:36:58

I'm neither selling nor buying but when we started looking last August it was dead. Summer holidays slowed everything right down. As soon as schools went back loads of properties started springing up and so I should imagine it is the same for prospective buyers. How long has it been on for?

lavenderpekins Thu 01-Sep-16 12:44:38

We are in the Home Counties and are stc back in May. Always had a few viewings a week.. Properties are selling for the 'right' price here imo

IntellectualLlama Thu 01-Sep-16 12:54:57

About one a week through August, though we had a few more than that when we first put it on the market in July. Hoping things will pick up again when the holidays end this week. We are on the edge of London.

JennyOnAPlate Thu 01-Sep-16 12:55:59

We recently sold ours in Birmingham on the first day on the market. What I've noticed locally is that first time buyer/investment properties are selling quickly, but anything priced above around 200k is taking a lot longer to sell.

Maybe the market will pick up once everyone is back from their summer holiday and the kids are back in school?

Mommasoph30 Thu 01-Sep-16 13:07:22

I Agree with @JennyOnAPlate. Locally first time buyer/investments sell very quicky, Mine was on market 4 days and sold on first viewing, but the price was right I think!

I think it depends on what price you are at and who will be viewing ?
I think it might pick up again once kids back at school though.

How many viewings have you had and have you had any feedback?

deltacrook Thu 01-Sep-16 13:10:27

School holidays is likely

CrepeDeChineWag Thu 01-Sep-16 13:16:53

London. Been on the market 5 weeks and have had a grand total of ZERO viewings confused

Babyroobs Thu 01-Sep-16 14:37:18

We are trying to sell fil's house in south London( just inside M25). It has been on market for a couple of months and only one viewing although I suspect it is quite overpriced and the price will be reduced soon. We are hoping things pick up in the autumn.

Muddle2000 Thu 01-Sep-16 15:33:39

In the SE. Things much slower than last year when 2/3 bed terraced would
sell almost overnight . As others have already said, even worse for the
property one rung above First Time buyer.

Dumbled Thu 01-Sep-16 15:35:35

We have been on 5 weeks.
Not really had much feedback just people liked the house but then noting happened, though by day 10 the estate agent was pushing us to reduce which seemed very soon to me.
Probably will reduce in a few weeks, feels a bit too soon right now. Will see if it picks up when schools are back?

Briette Thu 01-Sep-16 20:58:43

We're selling in outer London. 30 viewings in the first week or so and lots of (low) offers, though it's tapering off now three weeks later as we've asked the agent to filter out the more speculative viewers we know won't be interested when they see it. We priced a bit high because of Brexit and finally got some serious offers this week when it became clear that we weren't going to accept the silly ones but lowered the price slightly to encourage people.

I found when I was looking for the place we're buying that it was insanely difficult to get viewings through some agents, so I chose one of the more organised companies to handle our sale. I had to literally chase and beg to get people motivated enough to bother showing me around with some agencies; it's crazy. You see the same agents here advertising the same properties for months on end with no offers, then you ask and realise the reason is that they aren't following up on any leads.

Dumbled Thu 01-Sep-16 21:26:12

That's what's concerning me -im wondering how motivated the estate agent really is

SueGeneris Thu 01-Sep-16 21:39:04

We went on the day before the vote. Have only had two viewings. Have dropped the price twice. Am hoping we'll get more interest in the autumn.

Briette Thu 01-Sep-16 23:30:53

I wonder whether the type of house matters too. Ours is not that big so we're getting a healthy mixture of buy-to-let viewers along with young families and couples. The larger houses seem to be having a much harder time attracting viewers as everyone waits to see what's happening with the market.

I definitely think most estate agents are useless, though. I swear I had to beg to view one place I was really keen on, and then the estate agent cancelled on me by text at the last minute because the time wasn't convenient for them after all! I didn't rearrange, but I felt sorry for the seller. Another place was similar, I chased and chased the estate agent to pin them down on a good time to go see it and by the time they came back to me weeks later I'd found somewhere else, offered and already booked my survey. Definitely keep an eye on your estate agent; mine is working hard as they know we'll go with someone else or take it off the market if they don't get results and they have kept me informed about their strategies with tips on how to show the rooms off well. They've told us that the bulk of interest has been coming through Rightmove this time whereas usually they get more interest through following up their own leads; is your estate agent keeping you informed about what they're doing?

10 days definitely seems early to start reducing the price but if it's hanging around it might be that prospective buyers are seeing it's been on the market a while and assuming there are already interested bidders lined up. In London a lot of the agents cheekily keep the listings live long after the houses are under offer. A price drop now (or even a switch of agents) might get things going again.

Herschellmum Fri 02-Sep-16 22:12:16

I'm the same as Sue, my house has been dropped in price 4 times, now down 35k ... I live in Wales so house prices are mega cheap here, all the lower end properties 110k and under are under ... Larger houses not so much ... My house is a very large (compared to the local market) 5 bed house, it's now marketed for 180,000 which seems lowly priced now ... We have above average number of views online but it's not turning into viewers. Fingers crossed Autumn brings good things for us all.

lamprey42 Sat 03-Sep-16 18:41:53

Only had three viewings in total and it went on start of June :-(. It is a semi detached first time buyer type house in the north. Not overpriced. I think timing was bad as went on just before brexit vote then summer holidays. However also not convinced estate agents are pulling their weight and may switch at end of tie in period.

thereisnocheese Sun 04-Sep-16 22:36:14

Hi we accepted an offer on our place a couple of weeks ago, two bed terrace cottage in SE London. First weekend had nine viewings, then four or five the week after. We dropped the price after two weeks as we want a quick sale and are in a good position with equity and sold a few days after the drop. Good luck with your sale.

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