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Homebase kitchens?'

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Raemamba Thu 01-Sep-16 10:44:45

Hi, we are about to buy a new kitchen and I notice that homebase have a basic kitchen very cheap at the moment. Does anyone have any experience with Homebase kitchens? Are they cheap and 'nasty' or do they do the job ok?

Nannynowamummy Thu 01-Sep-16 22:14:24

We put a HB kitchen in our very first house 20 years ago - we have always said it was the best one we ever had.

We've had a few properties since then. One has had a handmade bespoke kitchen, one has had a German one and one has had a John Lewis one.

We have (very) recently purchased another home which has...you guessed it...a Homebase one. I feel 'safe' with it. I know where I stand with it (if that makes sense) This one is just as good as our first one all those years ago.

The doors and units are good, it's finished to a great standard (I don't know if they fitted it or a builder did)

Has a quartz top. The drawers are fantastic - good size, deep so bottles don't wobble (!) and run smoothly.

I'd have no hesitation in recommending them but would advise to carefully choose your fitter if HB won't be doing it.

MiaowTheCat Fri 02-Sep-16 08:24:05

My mums is a Homebase one and she loves it. It's been in a couple of years now and she's still really impressed with it, and it's holding up well. Think hers is a middley-range shaker style one.

Homebase fitters did the installation.

My kitchen is from Wickes because basically after doing her kitchen my mum decided she was going to do ours and wanted to get all the nice corner cupboards in that she hadn't been able to fit in her own kitchen because of a lack of corners without windows in them!

Raemamba Fri 02-Sep-16 12:54:43

Thank you both. We have a very good guy doing the install, so if the cabinets are sound, we should end up with a good kitchen! Yay!

Heatherbell1978 Fri 02-Sep-16 13:00:07

Kitchen in my old flat was Homebase and I was delighted with it. Got wooden worktops which I confess I rarely treated but they still looked great after 5 years. Fitters were great and the guy gave me his direct number if there were any issues and he did pop round to fix something minor afterwards.

RaisingSteam Fri 02-Sep-16 13:14:18

Homebase do several ranges of kitchens and they now sell the Hygena and Schreiber brands. The Hygena ranges are very basic and self assembly. Schreiber are the better quality ones. It's worth visiting the show room and having a look at the carcase quality/thickness, drawers etc, that's where kitchens tend to fall apart.

Owlcat Fri 02-Sep-16 20:53:53

We had a Homebase kitchen, installed by Homebase in our previous house. The installer was awful and it look us a year with lots of calls to Homebase to get it sorted out by different installers that they sent - it wasn't just us being fussy, we were told that the original installer got sacked because he was so bad! However once it was finally sorted out it did look good and still looked like new when we moved out 5 years later.

RotatingFan Sun 04-Sep-16 16:04:13

Does anyone have the Sanvito in white gloss? I'm thinking of going for that for our new kitchen with a black gloss worktop, but am just worried as it is one of the cheaper ones.

My DC are still really young so I don't want to spend a fortune and have them knocking into the doors with walkers/chipping the worktop etc, but would obviously still like something that looks good. It's for fairly large kitchen extension, at least 16 units. Anyone have any good/bad experiences to share?

Also, I would be getting Homebase to fit it - good idea or not??

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