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Engineered Wood Flooring - advice much appreciated

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Johnsof16 Wed 31-Aug-16 17:10:26

Hi - I'm new to Mumsnet so apologies if I get any of this wrong but I'd be really grateful for your advice. I've just recently moved into a new flat (8th floor of a huge complex). I bought some wood flooring online but have just been told that the delivery men will only leave it kerbside. I have no idea if this is usual or how on earth I will be able to get it in the lift and upstairs (I'm single and friends are all working on the delivery day). All suggestions much appreciated.....thank you!

SarahSea1 Wed 31-Aug-16 20:04:41

Kerbside drops are the usual, unfortunately. If your fitters aren't there to help, have you checked with the management company if there's a service lift on the complex? There's usually some sort of loading/trades entrance in big developments - if the delivery is dropped there then at least you could load it into presumably a huge lift - they'll have a key to keep the lift doors open. It should be delivered in long manageable boxes - just may be a few of them.

Pradaqueen Wed 31-Aug-16 21:31:50


Before you concern yourself with kerbside drops, does your lease allow wooden or any hard flooring?

If yes, kerbside is usual. If no, cancel the order as it is likely you'll have to pull it up once fitted.

lalalonglegs Wed 31-Aug-16 22:08:38

It is completely normal for delivery men to offer kerbside delivery. The flooring will come on a pallette and will be secured with plastic wrapping, you will need a sharp knife to remove it. Once removed, you can carry the boxes of flooring into the hall area and, once they are all in, take them up in loads in the lift. Boxes of flooring usually contain 1.2-1.8 sq m of flooring each so, if you can remember the sq m you ordered, that should give you an idea of how many boxes to expect. They are not very heavy, I can easily carry two at a time. It's a boring job but perfectly manageable if you are in reasonable health.

Johnsof16 Thu 01-Sep-16 00:59:15

Just to say thanks ever so much for the quick and helpful responses. I'm sorry if the question seemed a bit pathetic- just never done anything like this before (wasn't sure what was normal!) and had visions of being stuck with tonnes of wood on a busy inner city road!! I have checked the lease (thanks) and the wood is allowed, will find out about service lifts and ensure that I have a sharp knife to break the plastic on the pallet. The flooring is 25m2 so think I'll get between 10 and 20 packs - will give me a good workout and hopefully help with the bingowings: lol. Thanks again for all your help- really appreciated.

Pradaqueen Thu 01-Sep-16 01:16:03

Good luck with the project! Next time you have a big delivery consider getting a man with a van to collect from the supplier directly as they will bring it upstairs. Also, this time get a shopping trolley in advance of the delivery and stack the flooring upright in the trolley and you should be able to take it up in one go. You may have a pallet to dispose of too.

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