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May be moving, Reigate?

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MoveOnTheCards Wed 31-Aug-16 11:43:59

Hello, we currently live in SW London, lovely location, good transport links (2 tube lines and mainline on our doorstep), loads to do, house we love. HOWEVER, in the interests of getting a bit more space (and potentially be mortgage free), better chance for DS to get into a great state school and generally a bit more peace (we live near a main road to a major hospital, so lots of sirens!) we're looking to move.

Reigate is one of our hotspots, so looking for any advice or thoughts on areas (we don't know it well but plan to visit a lot as we make our minds up!). The key things we'd be looking for are:

- Good public transport (we also need to get into work in London within a reasonable commuting time)
- Good primary schools (and nursery/pre-school for a year or two!)
- Close to a range of shops, restaurants, things to do with young DS etc. (walking distance)
- Nice residential area with some character

Although we're not quite at the house-hunting stage, we'd have a budget of around £900k and would need at least 3 beds - ideally a house with some character (prefer period to new build). I would imagine that would help to narrow down potential areas to check out.

So lovely MN-ers with any knowledge of Reigate, what do you think?


Imperialleather2 Wed 31-Aug-16 12:55:20

You could get a 3 bed for 900k. Deerings road area.

The commuting is a shocker though. It should be 1 1/2 hours door to door for dh
Regularly taking over 2 hours and last week 3hrs 20 mins. Unfortunately no sight for the misery of Southern Trains. I know a couple of people from.ds school.who moved from London last year and are hating the commuting.

If you want state school pick.your area.carefully. Some houses are.perfectly placed for infants.but then not so for.junior or.senior.

I'm a bit over living in Reigate so probably not that enthusiastic- sorry.

MoveOnTheCards Wed 31-Aug-16 13:31:11

No, this is helpful, would rather know the full picture before we make a bum move!

St Albans is also on the cards, a much better commute but would be further away from extended family.

LIZS Wed 31-Aug-16 13:39:47

Great budget but schools can be an issue. Some go state for infants then independent prep until 11 - Micklefield and St Mary's are the closest. Although several local schools have added classrooms this year or last but were not fully subscribed. How old is your dc? Commuting is likely to be pita for at least another year.

Andagainandagainandagain Wed 31-Aug-16 13:58:52

We moved to Reigate last year from outside the south east. Do your research on school catchments if you want to use the state system. Things change quickly with the increasing number of births. The Parish expansion in an example of this.

DH drives to Redhill when he needs to be in London or Ashtead on strike days. We don't bother with Reigate station. It is still hard work but we are holding out that it will improve in 2018 when the LB works are finished. Given this we moved a bit further from the town centre and have space for two cars easily.

We lived in the centre of an amazing city before. Reigate is rubbish in comparison so we didn't prioritise walking distance from town but did get a gorgeous house with loads of space instead and we can see ourselves being here a long time. We live quite a rural lifestyle given we are commuting distance to London. That means less shopping/meals out but lots of outside things/day trips/hiking. Just depends what you prefer really.

MoveOnTheCards Wed 31-Aug-16 14:46:31

Thanks for all of this!

It's important that we can easily get into London so the train would be an issue given the station challenges and Southern!

We also love the range of restaurants, amenities and 'life' where we are now so it sounds like we'd miss that or struggle to get into London to enjoy it there. sad

DS is 2.5 so we have a little time before we need school, would certainly consider private but it would need to be mixed (private primaries where we are now are single sex which we don't really want).

LIZS Wed 31-Aug-16 14:51:05

None of the local independents are single sex any longer. There is a huge range of restaurants in Reigate.

MoveOnTheCards Wed 31-Aug-16 14:53:06

Thanks LIZS!

If we were to look just outside, where is worth focussing on? Thinking about alternative trains into London.

LIZS Wed 31-Aug-16 15:16:04

Redhill is the better served local mainline station but parking costs more than at say Merstham, one stop up but only slower trains. Limited parking at Reigate station. However avoid central
Redhill in favour of Nutfield/South Nutfield , some of Merstham has character properties (London Road and South Merstham), Betchworth is more rural, popular areas of Reigate are around Nutley Lane, Croydon Road, Wray Common and near Parish Infant School or Holmesdale School.

MoveOnTheCards Wed 31-Aug-16 15:24:38

Thank you! smile

uggerboff Wed 31-Aug-16 15:48:57

Have you looked at the Leatherhead/Dorking area? Better train links into London. Good schools.
Dorking is Lovely!

MoveOnTheCards Wed 31-Aug-16 16:17:40

They feel quite far out, ugger, surprised they're the same in train journey times! I'll also need to be able to get the odd cab to/from London for work so keen to keep relatively close.

I must admit I've never been there though!

Additional info, DH will need to get our west and up north on a regular basis so the more straight-forward travel options are the better.

freshstart22 Wed 31-Aug-16 17:31:19

I wouldn't go as far out as Dorking. It's pretty but you are way out on a limb, you'll be forever driving to decent shops and the trains to London are loooong.

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