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Pendants for over island unit

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namechangedtoday15 Tue 30-Aug-16 22:45:06

Please help I am going round in circles!!

Need 3 pendants to go over an island unit, can't find anything I like in budget. Love Tom Dixon (especially the copper lights) but sadly budget doesn't stretch that far.

Its for a large open plan space - will be reusing a chrome kind of feature light in a different part of the room (over the dining table) so not sure whether I need to keep to chrome or whether I can do something different?!

Have trawled through various online shops - any suggestions of companies ?


wowfudge Tue 30-Aug-16 23:02:20

IKEA? They have some copper designs at very reasonable prices.

ImperialBlether Tue 30-Aug-16 23:04:07

Have you looked at Habitat?

ImperialBlether Tue 30-Aug-16 23:06:12

Have you looked at Nest?

ImperialBlether Tue 30-Aug-16 23:06:15

Have you looked at Nest?

NutellaCookie Tue 30-Aug-16 23:08:55

We bought our pendants from amazon. £35 each (we needed three). Very pleased with quality and look. They're glass and chrome.

Similar to this (can't find the exact ones we bought) 2016 NEW Modern Vintage Industrial Metal Bronze Glass Ceiling Lamp Shade Pendant Light

redmimi Tue 30-Aug-16 23:09:57

Not sure if in budge but I've been looking at these.

GiddyOnZackHunt Tue 30-Aug-16 23:11:24

Look at Wofi lights. They're a German company who do good LED pendants. Their website is a good guide and you can buy through Amazon etc.

Bimblepops Tue 30-Aug-16 23:15:26

We got some lovely pendants from John Lewis...ended up getting all our lamp shades from them.

Definitely worth having a look through their site.

DandelionAndBedrock Tue 30-Aug-16 23:15:29

Have you looked at They have lots of pendants or cluster lights. These aren't a group of 3, but are quite similar to Tom Dixon ones I've been lusting after.

namechangedtoday15 Wed 31-Aug-16 00:09:58

Oh fab thank you for all the suggestions - off to browse flowers

SquinkiesRule Wed 31-Aug-16 17:39:02

We have this.
In copper.
In metal

limesoda Wed 31-Aug-16 19:14:47

I got mine from Garden Trading for not a hideous amount of money.

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