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Where to start with extension/ loft conversion?

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CountingToThree Tue 30-Aug-16 15:30:39

We want to add an extra bedroom and bathroom to our house - we have two options
- either build over garage (likely have to knock down garage and start again due to foundations)
- or add loft conversion

I would prefer to build over the garage as this will give us a better layout and keep the vital loft storage - but I don't know for definite if we'll get planning permission or how much it will cost vs the loft extension

Where should I start - who do I need to talk to first - builders, architects, council? Anything else I need to consider?

namechangedtoday15 Tue 30-Aug-16 15:48:51

For me, I would get a loft conversion company around to see if you have enough head height in the loft, and how the layout will work - i.e. where the stairs will go, how much useable space you'll get, how difficult / easy it will be.

If that is all OK, then I'd get a ball park figure for the loft option.

I'd then get a couple of builders around (recommendations from friends / neighbours) and get their ideas on costs.

If both options are viable, I'd then contact an architect and see what plans they can come up with (we had one come round for a free half hour).

0hCrepe Wed 31-Aug-16 10:06:24

I agree with that. We've just had a bit of a nightmare starting with an architect. He said we didn't have head height for loft conversion and so did drawings for a 2 storey extension. There were several elements to the drawings that were a bit grand designs so we had to ask him to scale it back. Didn't go down well. Submitted planning and in the meantime had a quote which was over budget anyway. The original plans would have been way over then. Planning was refused anyway.
Since had loft conversion specialist in who said it is tight but it is possible so we're going for that. So wish I'd started with the builders. If you do go for side extension look at what other people have had done on the planning website, who did their plans and get someone who really knows about planning to advise you on possible difficulties. Don't let an architect talk you into outlandish plans.

Jellyshoeshurtmyfeet Wed 31-Aug-16 11:43:02

We recently had an extension built over the garage. We employed an architect who drew up plans for a loft conversion and an over garage extension. We then found a builder who quoted for both. The over garage bedroom and bathroom was a much cheaper option than the loft conversion. The architect dealt with the council , submitting plans, etc

SternlyVoice Wed 31-Aug-16 21:23:37

We are extending our loft conversion into some additional roof space (means raising roof level to match rest of house) to gain an extra bedroom and an ensuite to an ecisting bedroom. We had an architect draw up some initial plans and then had a builder (recommended to us by two different people) to view the plans and the space. He gave us some good feedback on the plans and also gave us a rough quote. We're now close to finalising the plans based on that feedback and know that we can afford to do it (with some contingency funds) once our planning permission comes through. Our architect will also deal with council, structural engineer etc..

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