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Where to buy a sturdy wall shelf?

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ElleDubloo Tue 30-Aug-16 10:38:01

Looking for a long, good-looking, and above all extremely sturdy wall shelf. It's going in the living room above our couch and is going to be full of heavy books. Preferably minimalist but doesn't have to be floating.

I've done a search online but it's hard to filter out all the lightweight shelves that are just for pictures or other decorations.

Thanks in advance!

PigletJohn Tue 30-Aug-16 11:21:26

how long will it be, and what is the wall made of (you are going to have to drill it).

Wood colour, or painted?

Shelves tend to sag, so the more brackets you have, the straighter it will stay.

You can use brackets on a bookshelf, with the wall leg going upwards, because the books will hide them (otherwise, "L" brackets are usually fixed below shelves)

ElleDubloo Tue 30-Aug-16 20:11:32

Thanks for the reply, PJ. I'm not really fussed about the design. I'm more just asking for a reputable place to buy from / what to look for in the description. Do you think I should ask a carpenter to do it, or is it DIYable?

ElleDubloo Tue 30-Aug-16 20:12:16

Approx 5 ft would be the length.

PigletJohn Tue 30-Aug-16 23:50:29

If you can do neat woodwork, you could make one. If you wanted a nice piece of hardwood it would be quite expensive, but you could make one in veneered chipboard or MDF, dyed and satin varnished. I would screw matching battens to the underside front and back, and to the top of the back (to prevent books rubbing on the wall) which would stiffen it and improve the look. Three or four brackets, equally spaced, not at the very end but about 150mm in.

Or if you are good at painting, no need for veneer.

Or if you can find someone who does neat woodwork including finishing, an easy job.

If it was me I would look at making something up from hardwood worktop, sliced into two or three shelves, and the edges planed. The size of the books you have determines the depth of the shelf. You might be able to find a 2-metre long piece, or (much cheaper) laminated worktop, but because of the way it is only edged on the front, you could only use one slice off it. Worktop is thick enough (40mm ish) to look pleasingly substantial. A worktop supplier might offer narrower boards suitable for shelving, and perhaps cut it to length. With a big cutting machine they can make very straight and true edges.


After browsing to solidify your idea, phone a local timber merchant.

RaisingSteam Wed 31-Aug-16 17:49:24

We managed to get 25mm thick pineboard from timber merchant, they cut it to size. Makes a good solid shelf. A carpenter would do it or DIY feasible as long as you are confident attaching stuff to walls.

ElleDubloo Thu 01-Sep-16 22:06:21

Thanks for the advice guys!

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