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Extending home into garage

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Artandco Tue 30-Aug-16 10:37:11

We have the potential to buy a particular bungalow. However one Issue is the kitchen is tiny. It is at the front of the house and next to the garage. Our thoughts are to extend the current small kitchen into garage and use as a bedroom, and move kitchen into current bedroom at back so it opens Into garden.

But the whole bungalow is slightly higher as has 4 steps to front door, and garage is level with the ground. So would an extension that has to go down 4 ish steps within a room work? The current kitchen room is along a single bedroom size, and we would want it to ideally fit a double and be a study, hence the garage extension. I suppose the smaller part higher up Cousy be study area to work, and then down a few steps to the sleeping area, would that work?

RTKangaMummy Tue 30-Aug-16 10:50:46

We did an extension into the garage (it was 25' long as a garage) but we have gone forward to make it even bigger

So we have an absolutely brilliant extension that includes our bedroom and en suite wet room, utility room, office and den/TV. room

Just make sure that the bricks are in good condition if using same bricks/walls and insulate really well

Get the foundations checked and our roof needed redoing to include insulation

We absolutely love being so close to the garden from the Windows

We have a huge bedroom (king sized bed 2 wardrobes 3 chest of drawers) and ensuite wet room with bath

It would work with the steps to bedroom for you (not for us cos I am disabled) we had the floor brought up to same level as main house so it was easy for me to move around

Artandco Tue 30-Aug-16 10:56:34

The garage is fully built into home with same sloping roof so the roof should be sufficient as isn't a basic flat roof, but yes I think it all needs insulated. The garage is a single car size.

RTKangaMummy Tue 30-Aug-16 12:04:40

Do you mean that it is insulated as much as the house?

Ours was a pitched roof before (rather than flat) but it needed to be taken off to put extra insulation underneath

The other thing that is brilliant is to put LIGHT TUNNELS in the roof especially if it faces south

We have also got lots of Windows and glass doors so it has loads of sunlight inside cos garages could be dark as they aren't built to "live in" iyswim

They are expensive but well worth getting the largest you can smile

Artandco Tue 30-Aug-16 12:13:42

I'm not sure about insulation. But at the back behind garage is a utility room that's used as a room already so I think it's fairly insulated roof wise, but I expect more would be needed for sleeping

The roof tunnels sound good, i shall look into it

Do you mind saying what the rough cost was to fully insulate, change door to window and sort electrics? There is already some electrics in there

RTKangaMummy Tue 30-Aug-16 13:16:14

The light tunnels are quite expensive but can't remember how much they are deffo worth it though

Our side extension included new drains, heating, plumbing and fitting for new bathroom, electrics, the flooring to rise up the floor level, doors Windows etc also a rear extension to dining room so was much more than garage conversion so was not really fair comparison in price iyswim it took them about 4 months - Aug to Dec

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