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Nicest areas to move to around Berwick upon Tweed or Scottish Borders.

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SeymourButtz Mon 29-Aug-16 12:31:26

As in the title really. Looking to relocate and we love Scottish Borders /Northumbria. Looking for opinions/ advice on areas good for family life (5 DC aged 13 years - nearly one.) We would moving from a smallish town semi rural location in S. E England.

FlappyRose Mon 29-Aug-16 14:53:51

Scottish borders/Northumbria is a very large area. If you list your requirements then we might be able to help you with the location. What is it you're looking for?

MyKidsHaveTakenMySanity Mon 29-Aug-16 15:16:40

I live in a village in Dumfriesshire (SW Scotland) and just this morning walking my son to school I passed a dozen people. Some I knew a little, some I didn't know at all. Each one has a smile, a wave, a nod, a hello or a Good morning for me. Scottish Borders gets my vote!

SeymourButtz Mon 29-Aug-16 16:04:03

We're looking for a detached or semi with nice garden semi rural/near coast, Ideally not more than 45 mins 1hr drive to a hospital/ trust for my work. DP will be based around Torness area. Will need schools for DC aged 13, 11, 8 and 6. We currently have about a 2 mile drive/walk to primary and 5 minute walk to high school. Price range of about £350k. Am I being unrealistic to look for a 4 bed with potential or are we going to have to extend our budget win the lottery grin thanks for any help/ reality checks.

SauvignonPlonker Mon 29-Aug-16 16:19:30

North Berwick is lovely - not too bad a commute to Royal Infirmary. The schools are excellent & there is a direct train line to Wavereley. The surrounding towns of Gullane & Aberlady are pretty. You don't get a lot for 350k though. You'll get more for your money in Dunbar & Haddington. East/ West Linton are both lovely. Gifford is nice but small.

SeymourButtz Mon 29-Aug-16 18:01:59

MyKidsHaveTakenMySanity I really noticed that when we were out and about looking around, the nods and hellos were lovely. SauvignonPlonker thank you so much, will show DP your suggestions when he gets home.

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