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Extra Insurance During Building Works

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ThisOneNoThatOne Sun 28-Aug-16 12:44:05

We're hoping to start a big extension on our house next year and I'm trying to work out our budget.

We're planning on moving out into a rental, but hoping to leave a lot of our stuff in the house. I gather we need to take out extra insurance for this. Has anyone else done this and how much did the insurance cost (I'm expecting it to be a lot!)


PestoSwimissimos Sun 28-Aug-16 12:52:50

You will need to approach your insurers and ask them for a quote. Obviously this will be dependent on the value of your property and its contents, so no-one else's replies will be relevant here.

Muddle2000 Sun 28-Aug-16 18:30:06

I agree with above. First check your policy and see what the notifiable amount is: ours is £50,000 so we do not need to tell them if work is under
£50K or it is unoccupied for less than 30 days .
The main reason insurers get twitchy is if the property is left unoccupied.
Most standard policies allow 30 days uninhabited . Could you try making
an arrangement eg you will inspect every week ? (hopeful here)
Is there any way you could live there during the work?
BTW you need to check the situation re Council tax as technically you
will have 2 properties but they may give a discount for certain works or
is uninhabital

namechangedtoday15 Sun 28-Aug-16 22:10:35

Ours (standard 3 bed semi, big extension to create 4 bed 2 bath etc) has gone up by about £80 (annual policy) but we are still living here, and there are a number of exclusions now. For instance, we are now limited on accidental damage (i.e. cover has reduced), we are not insured for opportunist theft (so a window left open etc) and entry has to be forced.

didireallysaythat Sun 28-Aug-16 22:35:26

Your insurance company will also want to see your builders insurance policy to make sure the work is covered...

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