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House A or B!!! House buying nighmare

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EclecticGina Sun 28-Aug-16 09:27:38

We wanted to move to the village our daughter goes to primary school so put an offer on a house that needs lots of work but is at least in the right location (A). This was months ago. Tip to house buyers: don't go near a house that is part of a difficult divorce where the owners live overseas and get awful legal advice. We are apparently looking at another 3-4 months of waiting.
In desperation we went to look at another house, 6 minutes drive from the primary school. Nice village, BIG house. Possibly slightly cheaper.

Issues - from both villages children could get bus to college, but not 100% sure son would get into the same primary as daughter unless we bought A (although there is one in the B house village and only a 2 year overlap).

What would you do????

Lesley1980 Sun 28-Aug-16 12:09:15

Do you love house A? If you do & you know it will be sorted in 4-6 months I'd wait.

If you aren't bothered about house A then I'd buy B & move my daughter to the school my son would eventually go to.

SquinkiesRule Sun 28-Aug-16 15:07:52

Buy whichever house you like the best. Then like the other poster says move both kids into the same school. You may even get your Ds into Dd's school, you never know.

MerryMarigold Sun 28-Aug-16 15:13:04

Link the houses on Rightmove!!! I was hoping for a bit of a nosey.

Having driven to school for a short while, but mostly been in walking distance, I'd go for the walking distance any day of the week, though it depends how much traffic there would be on the school run. Ours used to vary anything between 20-40 mins in the morning for a 10 min journey out of rush hour. This was highly annoying. Which area do you prefer long term? Do you have friends in either place? What's parking like for both houses? Garden?

MerryMarigold Sun 28-Aug-16 15:14:18

Also, your son should have priority as a sibling even if you don't live in catchment.

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