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Wood Green n22 or Clapham South sw4

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Barbiebetty Fri 26-Aug-16 18:15:43

Hi I currently living in Wood Green n22 on social house I don't like the area at all, but enjoy the surrounding areas (muswell hill,couch end, Finchley and Barnet) and grow up in Barnet so i know the north London area pretty well. Iv recently been offered a flat in Clapham South, clearance cresent. I have little knowledge of the area is it better then Wood Green? What are the schools like iv got a 10yr old and a 4yr old so need advice on secondary and primary schools, I'm ready for a move but don't to move in a place worst then we're I am, any advice would be much appreciated.

venys Fri 26-Aug-16 21:12:07

I lived near Clapham South about 9 years ago and have visited or lived near a few times since. It is a nice area near some gentrified places. Shops and amenities are pretty good. Not sure about schools. But be warned if you need to use Northern Line as it is pretty packed in peak times. I think it has got worse now. My commute was pretty miserable.

lalalonglegs Fri 26-Aug-16 23:01:32

Is that Clarence Crescent? To be honest, it's in a bit of no-man's-land between Clapham and Brixton, a good 15 minute walk to the tube along part of the South Circular. There is a school near that estate that a few years ago had a poor reputation (one of my daughter's friends lived on the estate and deliberately chose to send her children to a school that was very inconvenient in order to avoid it) but things may have improved. There are is a small parade of shops that will provide you with essentials but the nearest supermarket is at Clapham South.

However, I think they have spent a lot of money upgrading the buildings around there recently - there always seems to be a lot of building work whenever I go past - and my daughter's friend's house was a really nice size. Clapham and Brixton are good areas with lots of facilities but you just won't feel like you live in either of them - sorry. I don't know Wood Green very well so can't really compare.

Barbiebetty Sun 28-Aug-16 13:36:34

Thanks for your reply, yes!! It Clarence crescent, Its a new build of flats ment to view this coming week. Is that part of Clapham/Brixton ruff? As were I live is ruff but I keep myself to myself and my children go to a good school in another area, I just don't want to move somewhere that I'm worst off.

lalalonglegs Sun 28-Aug-16 16:30:52

I wouldn't like to say whether it is rough or not because I just don't know as the friend and her family have since emigrated back to their home country. What I will say is that the estate is hemmed in by two very busy roads (south circular and King's Avenue) and Clarence Avenue on the third side which, while not busy, is long and featureless and the result is that it feels a bit like a backwater, not very integrated with the nearby neighbourhoods. The local school is Glenbrook which had a poor Ofsted but, as always in inner London, there are other very local schools - such as Bonneville and King's Avenue - which are both rated good and might have places. There are some good secondary schools locally especially for girls (La Retraite is Catholic girls school but, I understand, you don't have to be Catholic to go there; there is also Chestnut Grove in Balham; your child would probably also get into Burntwood which is a girls school in Earlsfield from that distance plus there is Lambeth Academy which I don't know at all).

I think you should view and decide for yourself. My friend was happy living on the estate but her social circle mainly came from school and expats so that might have made a difference.

Barbiebetty Mon 29-Aug-16 00:07:26

Aww thanks for your reply, will be looking at it at the end of this week, so let's see what happens. Also will check out the schools.

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