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White bifolds

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3kidsandus Fri 26-Aug-16 14:14:37

Just wondered what people thought of White bifolds. All our windows are white and although I love the look of grey bifolds I think it might look odd when we're in the garden?

twotiredtoo Fri 26-Aug-16 14:22:04

We've got white wooden bifolds, they were made to match the Windows. They're lovely.

3kidsandus Fri 26-Aug-16 14:40:07

Thanks twotired! Sensible brain is saying go white grin

twotiredtoo Fri 26-Aug-16 14:50:00

I don't think there's a right or wrong choice but I do like looking at them from the garden and seeing them match.

Marmitelover55 Fri 26-Aug-16 15:08:51

White wood ones are lovely but I think that White alumnium ones look a bit like they are made of upvc!

3kidsandus Fri 26-Aug-16 16:20:32

Oh yes! I didn't think of that!

yomellamoHelly Fri 26-Aug-16 17:21:35

We have white aluminium. Think they're fab, though everyone (incl. supplier) told me anthracite would look better. (Were same price as anthracite.) Blend in with others so they don't stand out.

dynevoran Fri 26-Aug-16 21:13:11

Normally you can have different colours inside and outside so white from outside and if you prefer you can choose white or grey or another colour for the inside.

3kidsandus Sun 28-Aug-16 17:59:44

Dynevoran, I've not managed to find any pics of dual bifolds! Want to see if it would look odd! smile

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