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Council Housing Application

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user1472151824 Thu 25-Aug-16 20:28:22

I'm looking for some advice for my cousin she's 35 and still living at home with her parents while also looking after her young daughter. She works part time but struggling to save the associated costs for a privately rented place where she lives on a fairly limited income.

We have considered her trying to get a council property although they is currently a 2 year wait for a property in the area. The problem that is not that there overcrowded currently .. the house has adequate bedrooms but very little space and the bad atmosphere is effecting my cousins health, she's become very depressed and fed up with the unhappy situation at home and her daughters behaviour has become quite erratic with very little boundaries set by nan and grandad,
I've advised that a doctors appointment is to be made to get a letter to support the application but she's reluctant to in fear of someone telling her that her efforts as a single mum need improving which I've confirmed will not be the case
she doesn't know what to do or who could help her try and get an application prioritised for a two bed flat with the local council, has anybody experienced anything similar? Thank You

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