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kitchen designers in St Albans area?

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Notonthestairs Thu 25-Aug-16 15:51:41

As the title suggests am looking for recommendations for kitchen designers in my area. Also interested to know how many kitchen designers you went to before settling on one.

I am going to need to be walked through the whole process as am completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices and the money involved!

OnePlanOnHouzz Fri 26-Aug-16 07:44:26

Hi - there Is a thread further up that might be useful to read " independent kitchen designers do they exist "

If you need help you can either select a store and let then guide you.

Or if you want to shop around with your own set of plans you can go down the independent route .

It can be a bit daunting - but once you find someone who can help you decide what suits you and the room shape etc - it's not so bad . Then it's just choosing the finishes and colours ! And if the person helping can show you colour options on CAD that can help too!!

It's a big investment - so worth spending time getting it right !

Notonthestairs Fri 26-Aug-16 10:19:02

Thank you OnePlan - I'll have a look at the thread. I feel like a rabbit in the headlights at the moment!

blossbloss Fri 26-Aug-16 10:36:31

Kitchens Ltd in Harpenden were fantastic when we used them a few years ago. They are based in Southdown so not too far from St Albans.

Notonthestairs Fri 26-Aug-16 15:47:03

That's brilliant - thanks Bloss.

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