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BBQ Cabin in the garden?

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PookieK Thu 25-Aug-16 13:47:33

We have seen this BBQ hut which we saw at the Grand designs show and are thinking about it for the garden. Just wondered if anyone had one/been in one? I have a friend of a friend who has one and they said in the winter it is fab. My husband is convinced we would practically live in it in, but I just wonder if the novelty would wear off and if it would be an expensive mistake? Would be great to hear from someone who has experience of one? Thanks

GeneralBobbit Thu 25-Aug-16 13:49:26

Looks very expensive, but lovely

I wouldn't get bored but I think some would

headinhands Thu 25-Aug-16 13:49:44

Gosh if you could afford it why not! Looks amazing.

Bearbehind Thu 25-Aug-16 13:52:54

I'd want to see one working first.

I've seen these at the Ideal Home too and whilst they look good unlit I'd worry that it would be too hot inside and you'd stink of smoke.

headinhands Thu 25-Aug-16 13:55:15

I might like to make some small improvements. Maybe the walls could be brick? I'd probably like a sink and a fridge and a microwave and a dishwasher in there too. And some connected rooms for people to sit in, with a TV, and a toilet, with a shower. And maybe some rooms where people can sleep...

FreckledLeopard Thu 25-Aug-16 13:58:07

Wouldn't you potentially die of carbon monoxide poisoning? I have a friend who has a similar hut (without the BBQ) in her garden and it's a bit of a white elephant TBH. I think they paid thousands for it and it now sits around gathering spiders and cobwebs.

Lelivre Thu 25-Aug-16 15:30:34

As captivating as that looks...Strikes me it's only good if you don't have small children, love charred food and plan to wash your hair that night.

Lelivre Thu 25-Aug-16 15:32:37

BTW grin at headinhands

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