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Replacing or renovating 1930s Windows

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0hCrepe Wed 24-Aug-16 15:54:31

Just wondering if anyone has replaced or renovated their 1930s Windows? I have a bay window at the front with stained glass squares in the downstairs ones. I'd rather keep them than replace with upvc but they are in need of tlc- a few panels are cracked and peeling paintwork etc. Obviously no double glazing.
Has anyone had theirs replaced with reproduction or remade or just renovated? Any idea of cost would be good too. Thanks!

wowfudge Wed 24-Aug-16 15:56:35

You can have them encapsulated in what are actually then triple glazed units. It's not cheap but preserves them and improves insulation.

0hCrepe Wed 24-Aug-16 16:04:56

Sounds interesting, can you give an approximate cost at all?

Banderchang Wed 24-Aug-16 16:18:08

We have a 1930s house with stained glass top parts (fan lights?) in all the bay windows. We replaced the rotting wooden ones with upvc, and our window company had two options for recreating the colored part. We could either have had it specially made in glass (v expensive) or have colored plastic inserts within the regular glass. We went with that option (as have many friends on our street) and they all look good and are wearing well. Don't remember price but it was only very slightly more than for windows without the colours.

wowfudge Wed 24-Aug-16 18:17:39

Sorry - the windows were done before we moved in so I don't know the cost. In our current house we will look into options as we have original Edwardian windows which are only single glazed.

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