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Talk to me about new windows

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Gusthetheatrecat Wed 24-Aug-16 13:30:40

One of the many things in our house that are superficially ok, but actually a bit shit and in need of some work / attention / huge amounts of money are the windows. We're in a Victorian terraced house, where all the sash windows have been replaced with UPVC double glazed ones.
One at the front is cracked (the owners touchingly put a window sticker over it, as if that might hide it), the one in my youngest girls' bedroom is a pin as it only opens at the bottom which is unsafe so stays shut, and the ones in our room are so draughty that the curtains sway in the wind.
We had a v smooth guy round from a windows company about a year ago who did the whole hard sell and gave us a cost for replacing every single window in the house.
Now the idea of this is appealing in a way. We don't plan to move, so the idea of every window being properly insulated, high quality, etc. is lovely. But I am always suspicous of sales pitches, and I wonder whether we should instead replace windows individually as and when.
Does anyone have any hints or ideas? I am not averse to UPVC as I don't fancy the maintenance of wood. So 'mock sash' style ones seem like a good idea, at the front of the house at least. But basically I am not very knowledgeable about windows at all, and I wondered if someone on here was, and was prepared to help me out.
Thank you!

JT05 Wed 24-Aug-16 13:48:54

We have always used local firms, where you can get recommendations from real people. In the past we have also replaced windows as needed, bit by bit and have always found the locals happy to oblige. One window fogged up, they were there pretty quick to replace the pane.
Also local firms have their reputations to consider.

situatedknowledge Wed 24-Aug-16 13:53:47

We did it recently. Got a couple of quotes both from local firms. Went with the cheapest, and so far have absolutely zero regrets. The noise insulation is amazing (we're on a flight path) and they keep heat out as well as in. Perhaps if money is tight you could do a floor at a time, or front then back?

phoria Wed 24-Aug-16 20:35:05

situatedknowledge - did you get secondary glazing?

situatedknowledge Thu 25-Aug-16 06:41:42

No, UPVC. Having spent many thousands in previous houses renovating old sashes and being snooty about UPVC I have done a full turn and love the new windows. They are casement style not sashes though.

headinhands Thu 25-Aug-16 06:50:11

I spent hours last year with window salespeople, local and national. About 4 different companies. Got them all down to roughly the same price after all the theatrics of 'just phoning my boss/I shouldn't but I can do you a trade deal' etc. We went with a national as they undercut the locals by £50. No complaints.

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