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Repossessions - Please give me successful buying stories

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bexleyboop Tue 23-Aug-16 23:37:13

We have been house hunting FOREVER. Our buyer is getting twitchy and wants to move in (fair enough) and we've found a house that we both love and agree on.

Problem is it's a repossession. We offered what we thought was fair considering it needs work, and it was accepted. After a bit of drama with our Mortgage Lender suddenly changing their mind and scrimping and begging for the additional cash we needed off parents on both sides, we thought we were set.

And then someone comes in and puts in a higher offer sad

We can afford to match it, fortunately. But these people have already had an offer accepted on this house before and pulled out.

I fear we're heading into a bidding war sad

Please tell me that some of you have great, happy, successful purchase of repossession stories?! Cheer me up?!

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