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What order to do work?

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kimmy121 Tue 23-Aug-16 18:16:09

We are waiting for a sharescheme payout. Its ending a year early so wont have as much as we were expecting, and dont have the extra 12months to plan. So, money will be coming end of oct we think.

Terraced 3 bed house. Unlikely to move out for more than a few days at a time.
Can put bigger stuff into storage.
We have an alley that runs from front yo back of the house. Door either end. Landing runs above it (will add pictures in a bit)

This is what we need to do, but not sure of the best order.

Rewire house
New boiler and some new rads (replacing back boiler so will need a new place for the boiler)
Knock wall through to make a new door way into our "alley"
Create little shower/toilet room in the middle of the alley
Knock a wall down in kitchen to open up the kitchen into the alley
Remove bricks from old style hatch to create an entrance to kitchen.
Brick up the doorway at the back end of the alley
Replace door at front of alley with

Im planning on using some reputable local contractors, will get quotes but what do i do first? I have my thoughts, but any experts want to share opinions.

Thanks in advance smile

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