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Extension and Architects fees

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newpup Tue 23-Aug-16 14:36:04

Hello. We are thinking about having an extension to our kitchen sometime in the next few years and would like to get some advice and plans now, possibly to submit for planning permission as I believe once granted this lasts five years.

I have no idea where to start! I have looked online for some architects and have found a few locally but have no idea how much a consultation and possible drawing up of plans to submit to council would cost. Anybody got any ideas/advice? Thank you.

namechangedtoday15 Tue 23-Aug-16 14:45:15

Planning permission only lasts for 3 years so you might want to hold off for a while.

If you go on your Council's planning website, you can see applications that have been submitted by your neighbours / properties close by. Usually the drawings / plans (which are submitted with the application form and which you can view) will have the details of the architect / draughtsman who has prepared the drawings. If you can find someone who has done something similar to what you want / someone who quite a few neighbours have used, that might be a start.

The cost of drawings can vary but you're looking usually at between £1000 and £2000 plus VAT unless its very simplistic / complicated. Plus the cost of the application to the Council.

newpup Tue 23-Aug-16 18:34:13

Thank you named changed that is helpful. Will have a look.

TeamFinn Wed 24-Aug-16 07:13:47

We've just had 2 around who quoted very different prices. Both were recommended to us by people we knew. One was £1100 the other was £700! The cheaper one actually does more for the money as well. But we do have to wait for them because, unsurprisingly, they have a waiting list. Do you know anyone who has had any work done? I don't think we'd have found the one we're using without a recommendation. I expected to pay around £1000, btw.

ifink Wed 24-Aug-16 07:22:52

most architects round us (in the UK) offer a free first visit - I found that really useful and one came up with some ideas we hadn't thought of and we went with him even though his quote was more.

The initial planning application with local authority fee and drawings was about 1600 pounds (sorry can't find pound symbol on my aussie keyboard!), then building regs fees + drawings were another 1500 pounds - they are much more detailed. He is now doing the schedule of works for builders to tender on which will involve even more technical drawings - I think that bill will come in around 1600 again. This is a period house in the South East though which has some tricky issues. Hope this helps.

BTW, having an architect has been invaluable - we have done this from overseas and its been so far

newpup Wed 24-Aug-16 07:25:45

Thank you! Great advice! Will be looking for some local architects who can come and give a free consultation. Unfortunately, the two people we know who have had building work done would not recommend their architects!

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