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Advice on bath / shower taps

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iworrywaytoomuch Mon 22-Aug-16 21:15:39

Hi there,

We are getting our bathroom re-done and are currently thinking about different baths / taps for the bath. We are having a shower over the bath (unfortunately, a separate shower does not fit in the slightly too small room). Our fitter says that it would be very expensive to have a wall-mounted shower tap due to it being an outside wall - they would have to build a 'fake' wall... As we have a limited budget, our only option seems to be a deck-mounted bath / shower mixer tap. I am, however, a little worried that the bending down to adjust the pressure / temperature would get too annoying / inconvenient.

Has anyone got any experience / recommendations / advice?

Sprig1 Mon 22-Aug-16 22:02:35

What he is saying is not true. You will just need an exposed shower valve (google it but basically you have the tap until sticking out of the wall, not recessed) and then the pipes leading up to it can be chanelled in to the wall. It sounds to me like he is being lazy. I would get a different fitter.

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